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Monica Lewinsky or Noemi Letizia? Flings and Politics in Italy

(19 05 2009) Judith Harris

Many look at Letizia Noemi as an Italian version of Monica Lewinsky. But while Clinton's popularity fell dramatically after his extramarital affair, Berlusconi's has sagged by a...

Explaining American Politics: From Clinton to Fossella

(13 05 2008) Jerry Krase

Explaining American politics to foreigners is not easy especially in this Presidential Campaign Season when you can't tell the pachaderms from the jackasses and vice versa. Ironic...

Hillary Clinton, the Italian Stallion

(01 04 2008) Laura E. Ruberto

Hillary Clinton adopts the Rocky theme song, making her a "sparrin' partner" to Barack Obama.

Glass Houses (Case di Vetro)

(15 03 2008) Jerry Krase

Casting stones while in glass houses seems to be a favorite pastime of politicians of all races, creeds, genders, and "diss"-abilities. Take for example, Spitzer and Ferraro, not...

Verso le presidenziali Usa:

(06 02 2008) Dom Serafini

Con Obama vince McCain

Race, Sex, Ancestry, or Religion: how should we vote?

(30 01 2008) Rodrigo Praino

An African-American, a Woman, a Mormon and an Italian-American...

Schadenfreude Italiano

(26 01 2008) Jerry Krase

After all the histrionic fuss about how Ian Fisher and The New York Times made Italy look bad (faceva fare una mala figura all'Italia), Italy just did it all by itself (da sola).

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