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Lighting Ourselves Less: Lights Out to Save Energy

On Friday, February 24th, "M’illumino di Meno" (Lighting Ourselves Less) is back for its 13th edition. "M’illumino di Meno" is the most important awareness campaign dedicated to energy conservation. The initiative is organized by Caterpillar, an Italian radio program that is produced and transmitted by Rai Radio 2. The i-Italy team on Central Park West is participating in Caterpillar’s energy conservation initiative "M’illumino di Meno" (Lighting Ourselves Less). The staff will turn off their office’s lights and work by candlelight for one hour. Stay tuned and take part in the initiative yourself! Turn off your lights in solidarity, even for a brief moment, and let us know via e-mail or on Facebook.

Vandals Burn Controversial Palm Trees in Milan

The freshly planted Starbucks-sponsored palm trees at the Piazza Duomo were set alight following protests with a racist tinge alleging “Africanization” and the recent outcry over the chain's planned arrival in Italy.

A Valentine's Day Blast from the Past: The Museum of Love Letters

Love and the writing of love letters are a central part of Italy’s history. These letters tell stories of love lost, love found, and love rekindled. Their most common subjects are immigrants, refugees, and the exiled. In many cases, love letters are forgotten in drawers, in our grandparents’ suitcases, or in the attic of our parents’ houses. However, one museum looks to highlight the importance of these letters in an intriguing way.

Valentine’s Day. Instructions for Use (For Men!)

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is an Italian Holiday? And that all women, believe it or not, DO care about it? If not, read this post…learn, and act accordingly!

After 67 Years, Sanremo Festival still Bewitches Italy

In both the good times and the bad, the Sanremo Festival is an institution which Italians love almost as much as spaghetti and Michelangelo. One out of every three Italians watches the grand finale of the Sanremo Song Festival, now in its 67th year.

Slow Wine Stops by Eataly - Cheers!

Eataly is the biggest market for Italian products in the world, so what better way to celebrate its tenth anniversary than with a toast? For this occasion, the beautiful Eataly NYC Downtown location was transformed into a vineyard to host Slow Wine 2017’s New York event. Every year the traveling Slow Wine event offers small and medium-sized Italian wine producers the chance to present themselves to the international market.

Lady Gaga Shines at Superbowl LI

It was the first Superbowl in history that went into overtime, but between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons it was Lady Gaga that came out with the win.

Abruzzo's Avalanche: After a Week of Search Efforts

The weeklong search for possible survivors at the Hotel Rigopiano has concluded with the amount of victims totaling to 29 out of the 40 onsite at the time of the disaster.

Giorno della Memoria: May We Never Forget

January 27th is the Giorno della Memoria, or International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which pays tribute to the victims who tragically lost their lives during the Nazi-Fascist persecution more than 80 years ago.

Italian Welfare League's “I Nostri Bambini”

A group of women is working together to fulfill a great mission. Learn about the Italian Welfare League and their program I Nostri Bambini, which has collected $1.5 million in favor of children with disabilities and their families.

Starbucks to Open in Milan, Renews Garden in Piazza Duomo

The US coffee giant, which will open its first store in Italy sometime this year, is gifting Milan with a beautiful garden.

Angelo Vasta: The Dance Filmmaker of the 21st Century

When the movie Pina by Wim Wender came out in 2011 it reached unexpected audiences and made a less known figure and an indie experimental approach understandable and fully engaging. It might have not swept the nation like "La La Land" or be a cinephile favorite like "Singing in the Rain", or "The Red Shoes", but it took dance in its purest form and made it an entertaining, poetic, visual spectacle where the movement itself tells the story, where the 3D is not used for jumping dinosaurs but envelops you in a multi-dimensional idea of beauty.

Abruzzo Avalanche: 22 Still Missing

The search continues at the Hotel Rigopiano with only 11 survivors and 7 victims accounted for of the total 40 who were onsite at the time of the disaster.

Earthquakes Strike Abruzzo, Avalanche Buries Hotel

Amidst heavy snowfall, Central Italy suffered further devastation when four quakes and a fatal avalanche hit the tragedy-stricken area all on the same day.

My American Journey

At the end of his teaching term at Georgetown University, Domenico Starnone talks to us about his experience in the U.S. and what he learned from his students.

Restoring the Birthplace of Jesus Christ

The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is one of the most important religious locations in the entire world. However, since its completion in the 6th century, the basilica has deteriorated due to political instability and natural corrosion. Hope is not lost as an Italian company specializing in the conservation of artistic and historical heritage, Piacenti S.p.A., is on its way to successfully completing a multi-million dollar restoration of this significant religious site.

Alarming Trend of Minor Migrants in Italy

Migrants under the age of 18 are currently flooding into Italy. This is becoming an ever increasing problem since the number of children has more than doubled since last year.

The Calvellis’ Italian Saga from Calabria to the Bronx

Our series continues with this conversation between nonno John P., who came from Vico Apriliano, Calabria, in the late1950s and settled in the Bronx, and his young nephew John D., who represents a new generation of Americans of Italian descent who see their culture not as an element of divisiveness but as a tool for understanding others and placing value on the real wealth of America: diversity and inclusion.

Ready to Toast to The New Year? Think Before You Act!

Tips on how to invite money and fortune, on how to keep the evil spirits at bay and welcome the good, ones, what to wear, what to eat and do. Italians respect traditions not only because they work but also because they are cost effective.

Remembering Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia's Editor in Chief

Franca Sozzani, the fearless woman who has been the face behind Vogue Italia for the last 28 years has recently passed away at the age of 66 due to an unspecified yearlong illness.