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i-Italy - About Us

We are a group of journalists, academics and “public intellectuals” determined to create an authoritative point of encounter, information, and debate on the Internet concerning Italy and Italian America.

i-Italy is a TV, a print magazine and a multimedia, bilingual web project which focuses on three major fields:

1) Information and discussion on current, social and cultural events

2) In-depth examination and cultural debate, hosting opinions, comments, columns, analyses, and reviews;

3) Community building/social networking

Our project addresses three major segments:
• American "Italophiles" who love Italy and everything Italian
• Americans of Italian descent
• Italians living and working in the U.S.

It also addresses three main topics:
• Italian America: social, political and cultural events related to the Italian/American community.
• Italy in the U.S.: Italian events in America, including among others artistic, cultural, and business events;
• Italy in Italy: Italian current events and lifestyle

Finally, our project is bilingual, with English as its main language as it is spoken by the most part of our target audiences.