i-Italy - About Us

We are a group of journalists, academics and “public intellectuals” determined to create an authoritative point of encounter, information, and debate on the Internet concerning Italy and Italian America.

i-Italy is a TV, a print magazine and a multimedia, bilingual web project which focuses on three major fields:

1) Information and discussion on current, social and cultural events

2) In-depth examination and cultural debate, hosting opinions, comments, columns, analyses, and reviews;

3) Community building/social networking

Our project addresses three major segments:
• American "Italophiles" who love Italy and everything Italian
• Americans of Italian descent
• Italians living and working in the U.S.

It also addresses three main topics:
• Italian America: social, political and cultural events related to the Italian/American community.
• Italy in the U.S.: Italian events in America, including among others artistic, cultural, and business events;
• Italy in Italy: Italian current events and lifestyle

Finally, our project is bilingual, with English as its main language as it is spoken by the most part of our target audiences.






on oscar wright (not verified) wrote

Documentary collaboration

Hi David your documentary on the Zampogna was very good. I am an American who has lived in Italy for 20 years and have done documentarys on southern Italy. Please contact me at [email protected]
on Carmine Vittoria (not verified) wrote

book announcement

I would like your e-mail and phone number so that I can tell you all about my book "Bitter Chicory To Sweet Espresso". It is a book about WW II in the Naples area as seen from a child's perspective.
on Michael Hay (not verified) wrote

Contributing Author

Hello, I'd write for this source if possible. I'd like to focus on real estate in new york city in regards to Italians living here past and present. I already have a couple ideas in mind, if you are willing to hear me out. Grazie. My email is [email protected].