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Panini is Praised by Collectors for Sticker Book Changes

Panini Italy releases Calciatori Figurine 2016-2017 sticker book with new innovative material impressing players and collectors alike.

Fendi Bonds With Giuseppe Penone: a Dialogue Between Tradition and Modernity

Coming up this spring, the Italian luxury fashion house will display the work of the talented artist, Giuseppe Penone, at both their flagship location in Rome as well as the city’s Palace of Italian Civilization.

Remembering Pino Daniele

We are delighted to re-publish an article by Stanislao Pugliese in memory of the renowned singer-songwriter Pino Daniele. Daniele passed away two years ago, but during the course of his career, he brilliantly combined rock, African-American blues, and Neapolitan music.

Are You Planning to Visit Italy? Art You Should See

2017 will be a year full opportunities to visit some of the most beautiful pieces of art created by the most distinguished Italian artists of all time. This year, a majority of the events will focus particularly on 20th century and avant-garde art.

The Shades of Italian Illustration

Emiliano Ponzi, Guido Scarabottolo, Lorenzo Mattotti, Franco Matticchio, Olimpia Zagnoli, and Gianluigi Toccafondo are just a few of the major names in illustration that are revolutionizing their profession and reinventing the face of the biggest Italian publishing houses.

Pirandello 150: A Tribute to the Italian Dramatist and Writer

From January 13th to January 19th, Film Forum on Houston Street in New York will be honoring one of the greatest Italian authors of all time in association with Helluva Theater Company’s city-wide tribute entitled “Pirandello 150.”

The Creativity of the Pen

What changes when you cross the power of the pen with popular technology? Whatever it is, the marriage seems to bode well for Italian illustrators, as more and more art directors in the editorial world are beginning to recognize the style and originality of everything “Made in Italy.” We discussed this with experts in the field Stefano Imbert, member of the International Board of Directors of the American Society of Illustrators of New York, and Stefano Salis, a journalist for the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and an expert in illustration, graphics and design.

Inside the Words of Tullio De Mauro

One of Italy’s most prominent linguist, Tullio De Mauro, passed away this week at the age of 84. He is known not only for being a distinguished linguist but also for being a public intellectual, professor, and politician.

Tredici Bacci and the Obsession of Italian Soundtrack Music

On Tuesday, January 10th, Tredici Bacci will be playing a showcase at The Standard East Village Penthouse (25 Cooper Square). The concert, which is free of charge, has already been defined “an Italian soundtrack-obsessed evening of music” led by a 28 year old classical composer and punk rock guitarist named Simon Hanes. Simon’s obsessed with all things Morricone, Spaghetti Western, and classic Italian film soundtracks from the 1960’s/1970’s.

The Tradition of the Befana

Get ready for January 6th because the holidays are not over yet... at least not for Italians! More treats and presents await you thanks to the tradition of the Befana. This day is called the Epiphany, a religious holiday that marks the official conclusion of the festive season for Christians all around the world.

Studying Italian-American Material Culture in NYC

Through his engaging style, based on the best of ethnographic methods, Joseph Sciorra presents a study that reaches beyond the academic to inform and challenge us to see and react to this Italian American material culture in new ways

A Sip of Ancient Rome

The Galvanina Springs near the town of Rimini, in the Emilia-Romagna region, is one of Italy’s oldest springs. Its healthful mineral water has been renowned since ancient Roman times.

La Serenissima: Music and Arts from the Venetian Republic

From February 3—21, Carnegie Hall will host a series of concerts in honor of Venice’s perennial creative contributions. Their ninth festival, La Serenissima is an extension of Carnegie Hall’s ongoing exploration of early music in an effort to seek out seldom heard gems. In collaboration with cultural institutions throughout New York City, the celebration will extend citywide with an array of events that range in artistic genre.

A Hidden Gem at the Frick

A chance to learn more about Guido Cagnacci, a little-known painter who also happens to be one of Italy’s most eccentric personalities.

Dining Out Special. Italian Restaurants for Winter

When winter comes with its chill and its darkness, so does that ancestral need of human beings to protect themselves from the cold, to protect each other. Togetherness is felt as a natural necessity and nothing brings people together more than food. One of the strongest symbolic representations of sharing, food has always brought Italian families together; its quasi-sacral liturgy—sitting together for supper and eating together during the holidays—is a long-lasting peculiarity of Italian culture.

This Italian Season Winter Cravings

Yes, it’s coming again. Another year has passed, and here we are, ready to let the magic of Christmas fill our souls and hearts. Because let’s be honest, everyone loves Christmas, right? Its lights, its colors, and the general sense of love and happiness that is able to warm up even the coldest of hearts. And while Christmas trees and all sorts of decorations are already filling up every corner of our houses - we also couldn’t help but think about fashion.

American Christmas Classic 'It's a Wonderful Life' is Based on an Italian-American

Frank Capra was so impressed with Amadeo Giannini's humility and generosity that he based the main character "George Bailey" in his 1946 film "It’s a Wonderful Life" on him.

An Italian-American Christmas

Italian-American traditions passed down from one generation to the next, in particular family recipes, play a huge part on the holidays; here are some of the mouthwatering Christmas classics.

Heart Beyond Spreadsheets. The Hidden Secret of the Italian Artisanal Industry

How an American student of Italian origin traveled to Florence to work on his Master’s thesis and mingle with the locals—and ended up tripping over the world of Italian artisanship. And how he discovered the secret ingredient of Italian lifestyle and elegance: heart.

Exhibition of Large-Scale Presepe Opens in Rome

“Il Presepe. Religiosità e Tradizione Popolare” is currently on display at the Palazzina Gregoriana del Quirinale in Rome as a celebration of both the holiday season and fine Italian artistry.