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Italian Wines Take Center Stage in NYC


“Italy is not a military or financial superpower, but it is a cultural, oenological and gastronomic empire.” With this compelling statement, Maurizio Forte, Trade Commissioner...

Eat, Make Jokes and Dress Up...It's Carnival!

G. M.

In Italy it’s time to celebrate Carnival. Until Wednesday February 10, children and adults can enjoy this amazing, colorful and frisky feast

Sicilian Ghost Story Enchants at Sundance

Natasha Lardera

The screenplay of Sicilian Ghost Story, a film penned and to be directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, has won the prestigious Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking...

The Italian Way to Say ‘I LOVE You’

G. M.

Baci, the most famous Italian praline in the world has a secret. Or two. With each and every one you’ll find a love note inspired by a real love story. Few people know that...

The Italian Wine Revolution

Rosemary D'Avernia

Luciano Pignataro, a journalist for Naples’ Il Mattino—the leading newspaper in Southern Italy—has spent the last thirty years writing about agriculture and the last twenty about enogastronomy. His is the longest running column on wine in an Italian paper. He is the representative of two southern regions for Slow Wine, Slow Food’s wine guide, and head of the Southern branch of the Guida Ristoranti Espresso. In 2004 he began a blog (, now one of the most frequented in Italy, with almost five million hits in 2015 alone. The blog features reviews of wine, restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops and cheeses. He has published many guides to wine and books on Neapolitan cuisine.

Songs from Shylock's Venice. Ensemble Lucidarium


On the 500th anniversary of the establishment of the Venetian Ghetto (1516 - 2016). In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. and the Italian Cultural...

Extraordinary Wine Values From Southern Italy

Charles Scicolone

Wine expert Charles Scicolone explains why Sourhern Italian wines have long been undervalued and not well known in the US. First, they are made from unusual grape varieties that...

Learning How to Teach Wine. Interview with Dan Amatuzzi

Alexandra Martorelli

February is the month of Italian Wine Week in New York City. Organized by the Italian Trade Commission, the fair brings together hundreds of producers, buyers and importers plus...

If You Want a Treat, Press Play

Darrell Fusaro

Here's a dog treat that will make your tail wag. When Best Friends pulled Blanca from a Los Angeles shelter, she was filthy. They wasted no time in arranging an extreme...

Political winds of Change

Judith Harris

Change comes slowly in Italian politics -- consider the postwar decades of Christian Democratic stasis while it faced off the old Communist party. But hints of change are now in...

Design the Car of Your Dreams and Learn Italian!

American students of Italian American Committee on Education (IACE) visit the Ferrari showroom in Manhattan to learn Italian while designing the car of their dreams

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