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Art & Culture
Alexandra M. Fanelli(November 16, 2017)
CIMA puts ambitious effort towards bringing to international prominence the awe-inspiring yet under-recognized artist, Alberto Savinio. During one of the many programs, i-Italy had the chance to interview one of the most important art historians and critics of the postwar period in Italy, Renato Barilli, and discover the nature of Savinio’s relationship with his better known brother.
DirectTV presents Mediaset Italia
Photo courtesy of: Margherita Mirabella
Life & People
Sara Krevoy(November 16, 2017)
On Nov. 14, Venetian-born blogger Annalisa Menin honored the launch and book-signing of her first novel, My Last Year in New York, at Valentino Fifth Ave. i-Italy was there and had the chance to ask the author what inspired her to write to book.
Antonio Verde - Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles
Dining in & out
S. K.(November 13, 2017)
The city of Los Angeles joins the Italian Consulate in celebration of Italian culinary success and the culture behind a nation famous for exceptional tastes in food and wine. Italian cuisine is revered year-round, all over the world, but Nov. 13 - Nov. 19 marks a special dedication to gastronomic excellence.
Amy Riolo and Massimo Lucidi, Italian marketing expert and journalist
Facts & Stories
Amy Riolo(November 13, 2017)
What better time to honor individuals and companies upholding traditional Italian values than October - National Italian-American Heritage Month? On Saturday October 14, the 4th annual Premio Eccellenza Italiana award ceremony took place at Café Milano in Georgetown
Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Life & People
Letizia Airos(November 10, 2017)
A charge was in the air among the 3,002 Italian participants of the New York Marathon. Among them was Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. We interviewed him about what it means to run a marathon in New York only a few hours after a terror attack and what physical activity can mean, above all for young people, in terms of the commitment that allows an individual to achieve a certain goal.
From the presentation at the ENIT headquarter inside the Italian Cultural Institute New York.
Facts & Stories
Sara Krevoy(November 10, 2017)
At the start of its winter season, Alitalia gives a presentation at ENIT’s New York headquarters, highlighting new developments and enhancements. New Alitalia's Chief Commercial Officer, Fabio Maria Lazzerini, spoke about them focusing on the American market and luxury accommodations.
President and COO of NIAF John M. Viola awarded during the Gala
Facts & Stories
Alexandra M. Fanelli(November 07, 2017)
This past weekend the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) hosted its 42nd Anniversary Gala, at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. A weekend-long celebration of Italian and Italian-American heritage, traditions, educational talks, food and entertainment with Sicily being the region of honor for this year. NIAF also saluted his President & COO John M. Viola, resigning from his role after six years of exceptional dedication.
Foods in the Mediterranean Diet
Dining in & out
N. C.(November 10, 2017)
From November 13th-19th, the second World Week of Italian Cuisine will take place across the United States. There will be educational conferences, food workshops, cooking classes, and much more taking place to promote Italian food culture this year.
Art & Culture
Letizia Airos(November 08, 2017)
The prince of singer-songwriters and his concert at The Town Hall in New York. Slender and refined, he graced the audience with moments of great depth and intensity. An encore and at the end, De Gregori, together with his wife Alessandra Gobbi, sang the audience a special Neapolitan song.
Francesco De Gregori and Stefano Albertini at Casa Italiana. Photo by Shushu Chen
Art & Culture
S. K.(November 07, 2017)
After making his US debut in Boston Nov. 5, Francesco De Gregori arrived in New York on Nov. 6 to perform for the first time. On the night before the show, he stopped by NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for a conversation with Stefano Albertini. FULL VIDEO INSIDE THE ARTICLE
Nairobi City, Kenya
Facts & Stories
Tommaso Cartia(November 02, 2017)
The Italian Trade Agency in New York hosted the special investors network event “Italy, Kenya and East Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects,” an important occasion to talk about the new possible investments in the Eastern African countries whose economies are rapidly developing and transforming. The meeting was organized by the A.I.I.K. (Italian Kenyan Industrial Association) and its North American representative Paolo Siniscalco, co-founder of the Italian accounting firm Siniscalco & Partners and Of Counsel with Grassi & Co for the Italian-American markets
Domenico "Dom" DeMarco. Photo by ©Matthew Septimus
Dining in & out
Tommaso Cartia(November 01, 2017)
The adventurous and romantic story of Domenico “Dom” DeMarco, who, in 1959 moved from Caiazzo (province of Caserta), to Brooklyn. The story of a simple man who made his historic Di Fara pizzeria into a legend.
New President of Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci. Courtesy of www.nellomusumeci.it/blog
Facts & Stories
Judith Harris(November 07, 2017)
In a regional election Sunday in Sicily, a fledgling center-right coalition trounced the center-left, leaving former Premier Matteo Renzi and his party in deep trouble. The vote is seen as a harbinger of things to come when the nation goes to the...
Detail, Amedeo Modigliani, Seated Female Nude, possibly Anna Akhmatova, c. 1911. Black crayon on paper. 16⅞ x 10⅜ in. Paul Alexandre Family, courtesy of Richard Nathanson, London. Image provided by Richard Nathanson, photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates, London
Art & Culture
Riccardo Chioni(October 31, 2017)
The tremendous interest in the exhibit curated by Mason Klein has forced the museum to stay open for longer hours. “Modigliani Unmasked” is scheduled to last until February 4, 2018.
Italy produces and exports more pasta than any other Country
Facts & Stories
Judith Harris(October 31, 2017)
For the fifth month in a row the sluggish Italian economy shows signs of improvement. Consumer confidence is on the rise, while unemployed has dropped from a high of 13% to this month's 11.2%.
Robert Ferrito, NYS State Grand Lodge of New York Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of America President (left) presents Blauvelt Sons of Italy Lodge 2176 Second Vice President Bill Barbera, with a plaque for hosting the plenary session in October. Photo credit: Risa B. Hoag
The Order Sons of Italy in America is an organization that has been assisting the Italian-American community since the beginning of the twentieth century. This past week, the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in...
Meet Gabriel A. Battista
Click the image to watch the video interview
We’re interviewing Gabriel Battista, former executive chairman of Talk America, named by Ernst & Young as the Greater Washington Area Communications Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004. “Gabe,”as his friends call him, is the co-chair of NIAF and...
Capri. Certosa
Last Sunday volunteers turned out to clean up what had once been a sacred river on the ancient Appian Way, the Almone. Increasingly ordinary citizens are participating in conservation of Italy's extraordinarily rich cultural heritage.
Giorgia Caporuscio
Dining in & out
Tommaso Cartia(October 31, 2017)
Master pizza maker Roberto Caporuscio shares the secrets of true Neapolitan pizza as the U.S. president of the Pizza Academy Foundation (PAF)–the Neapolitan pizza school headquartered in his Kesté Wall Street. But there is another secret in the...
From Sicily, “My beautiful cursed cradle,” to America. The artist from Palermo will sing at NIAF’s annual gala, and she will also be a guest of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at the end of November. She’s a young voice between the past and the future...
Chiara Sarteanesi curator of the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri, and Vittorio Calabrese, Director of Magazzino Italian Art and the Olnick Spanu Art Program
From October 26 through December 8, 2017, the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosts the exhibition "Burri-Posters", a unique collection that spreads new light on the historiography of Italian artist Alberto Burri's work. During the...
From left to right. Magazzino Director Vittorio Calabrese; Italian Ambassador to the United States Armando Varricchio; Italian artist Marco Anelli; Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Giorgio Van Straten; and Consul General of Italy in New York Francesco Genuardi. Photo by #AlexaHoyer.
Art & Culture
A. F.(October 27, 2017)
New York's Italian Cultural Institute along with Magazzino Italian Art unveils 24 large-scale photographs of Roman-born, New York-based photographer Marco Anelli - on view until November 2, 2017
Actor Richard Gere in conversation with Giovanna Calvino and Director of NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, Stefano Albertini. Photo by Shushu Chen
Hosted by New York University’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, Richard Gere, the award-winning Hollywood actor, performed a reading from Italo Calvino’s new English adaptation of 'The Baron in the Trees.' After the lecture the popular actor...
Life & People

Darrell Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti Spread Joy of Life with their "Funniest Thing!" Podcast

Darrel Fusaro and Edward Biagiotti live in LA, where they have created "Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed" a successful podcast that has gained fans in 170 countries.

EDITORIAL - An “Italica” Under an Umbrella on Columbus Day

The new print edition of our magazine will be around next week.  Here is the editorial presentation. Enjoy the reading!
Facts & Stories

Columbia University's Italian Academy Hosts Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini

For the occasion of 17th edition of the “Week of the Italian Language in the World,” Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini visits Columbia University's Italian Academy to talk about his comprehensive plan to revive Italy's vast artistic and cultural heritage. An insightful conversation about recent initiatives to improve Italy’s museum system and protect the country’s vast patrimony.
Life & People

AIAE Celebrates the "Settimana della Lingua italiana nel mondo"

On occasion of the Settimana della Lingua italiana nel mondo, The Association of Italian American Educators assembled an intimate gathering on Monday night to reflect on the promotion of the Italian culture in the United States. The event was held during the 17th annual “Settimana della Lingua italiana nel mondo,” which aims to promote the Italian language and culture on an international scale. Guest speakers that night included actor and producer Tony Lo Bianco and distinguished Italian-American studies scholar Dr. Vincenzo Milione.
Art & Culture

A Night of Music to Celebrate Arturo Toscanini at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

For the 150th anniversary of Arturo Toscanini’s birth, the “Cameristi della Scala” chamber orchestra will be performing a Celebration Concert in dedication to the iconic Italian musician. The event sponsored by Salini Impregilo Group and Lane Industries will take place at the Peter B. Lewis Theatre of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum this November 2nd.
Art & Culture

The Man Behind Giuseppe Verdi on Fifth Avenue

Italy’s world-renowned opera composer Giuseppe Verdi marched in this year’s Columbus Day Parade in Manhattan. Verdi was portrayed by actor, director, and playwright Massimiliano Finazzer, who spoke to i-Italy about his experience marching up New York’s Fifth Avenue dressed as the famous composer.
Art & Culture

US Debut for Francesco De Gregori

Appearances in Boston and New York in November for Italy’s “Prince of Singer-Songwriters”. After an award-winning career spanning nearly 50 years, De Gregori will finally make his US debut in November.
Art & Culture

Picasso in Rome: Between Cubism and Neo-classicism 1915 - 1925

On view in Rome through Jan. 21 are 100 paintings, drawings and costumes by Pablo Picasso, influenced by his Grand Tour of Italy just 100 years ago.
Art & Culture

The European Youth Orchestra to Leave UK for a Fresh Start in Italy

Britain’s decision in 2016 to leave the European Union shook the foundations of the bloc, particularly within the arts world. The prestigious European Youth Orchestra (ages 16 to 26), headquartered for decades in London, relies heavily on EU funding to survive. However, once Britain leaves the Union, this funding will not remain available to the orchestra if it is based in the UK. In the face of extinction, the EUYO must turn to fresh solutions in order to survive.
Facts & Stories

Gucci Refuses Fur for 2018

The Italian luxury fashion brand has taken a step forward to rise up against animal cruelty and to protect animals' rights, along with Armani, Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, H&M, and many others.
Art & Culture

Italian Language Week Celebrations in New York

As part of the celebrations for the 17th International Italian Language Week an array of special events that aim to promote Italian language and culture are scheduled all around the world. This years event, which runs until October 22, has the theme: "Italian at the Cinema, Italian in the Cinema".
Art & Culture

“Italian at the Cinema, Italian in the Cinema”

This year’s theme of the 17th edition of the Week of Italian Language in the World is the cinema, to highlight the role that the film-making industry and its stars had in developing our society and our language.
Art & Culture

The Art of Making & the Made in Italy

Last Thursday, a large crowd flocked to the Art Center at Queens College of The City University of New York for the inauguration of the exhibition The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making. The Made in Italy--Designers Link Their Collections to their Local Roots, Emphasizing Tradition and Local Culture
Life & People

Margaret Ricciardi. A Century Committed to Family, Italy, and Art

Meet artist Margaret Ricciardi, born 103 years ago in Brooklyn to immigrants from Calitri (Avellino). Joining her in as she recounts her family memories and her life as an artist, is Margaret’s niece, Laura Erikson. This interview is a preview, part of the Second Season of the I-ITALY TV SERIES "Grandparents and Grandchildren in Italian America." And stay tuned for the full video.
Art & Culture

New York. Italy on Screen Today

From October 18 to 22, New York University's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Stony Brook University's Center for Italian Studies will host the best in Italian contemporary cinema: premieres, great authors, young talented directors, iconic faces, and meetings between the media and the festival’s guests. For this edition, director and actor Sergio Castellitto will be our guest of honor during the screening of his films: Non ti muovere and Venuto al mondo. To pay tribute to Castellitto's career on this occasion, he will receive the Nino Manfredi Art Excellence Award.
Life & People

Gilberto Benetton of Autogrill Honored at GEI Gala

Gilberto Benetton receives the prestigious “GEI Award” as chairman of Autogrill. The Italian company has a powerful presence both in Italy and in the United States. Founded by president of the Gruppo Esponenti Italiani (GEI) Lucio Caputo, the award is an honor given to those who contribute to improving Italy’s image across the world.
Art & Culture

The Fabric of Cultures: Systems in the Making

Multimedia exhibition curated by Eugenia Paulicelli (Queens College Art Center Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library). Exhibit highlights the Made in Italy aspect in which designers link their collections to the places in which they were made, emphasizing tradition and local culture
Facts & Stories

Olive Harvest Time, and the News is Good!

The olive harvest has come to Italy early this year. Despite the overheated summer, scant rain and risk of the nasty bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, both quality and production are excellent.
Art & Culture

Rome and Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Cities

Everyone knows that Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE. But most people do not appreciate how much, in the period before the War, Rome also built up Jerusalem, serving as a valuable ally and as a stabilizing force during the interminable Hasmonean family fights over who would be high priest. This evening together we will explore both the good and the bad in the the highly charged relationship between these two Eternal Cities. Join historian Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on a fascinating journey into the formative era of Western Judaism.
Art & Culture

What Italian Language(s) Does Italian Film Speak?

Join this Monday (October 16, 2017 - 6:30-8:30pm‌) Lecture Hall 101, Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University. "Critical Made in Italy Part 3: Cinema" is the title of series, designed by the Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies in 2016 and inspired by a collection of essays edited by Daniele Balicco - Made in Italy and Culture.
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Italian journalists have moved to set up a company in the name of a notorious mafia boss headquartered at 10 Downing Street – to illustrate weaknesses in British law they say helps people set up shell companies to launder money across the globe.

Italian journalists have moved to set up a company in the name of a notorious mafia boss headquartered at 10 Downing Street – to illustrate weaknesses in British law they say helps people set up shell companies to launder money across the globe.

It’s official: Italy has a national anthem, just in time for the World Cup... oh.

Italy has defended its policy on blocking migrants in Libya, saying the deal, denounced as "inhumane" by the UN, was essential to stop boat departures towards Europe.

Two episodes of gritty mob show “Gomorrah 3” have shot to No. 1 at the Italian box office after pay-TV operator Sky Italia, trying out a new distribution strategy, put them in cinemas before broadcasting them on the small screen. The episodes earned four times as much in theaters as freshly released feature film “Borg/McEnroe.”

A portrait of Christ by Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci has shattered all previous records for artworks sold at auction or privately, fetching a whopping $450.3 million on Wednesday at Christie's in New York. Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World), is one of only a score of Leonardo's works still in existence and the only one held privately.

More than 70 years after Italy’s iconic scooter was born, the Vespa is getting its most radical update yet.

Long Island’s newest Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace will also be the largest. At 10 a.m. on Dec. 1, the ribbon is to be cut in Melville, and customers will enter a 53,000-square-foot store that was formerly Waldbaum’s.

Italians living near one of the biggest steelworks in Europe have appealed to the government to protect their health after a dramatic photo showed water near the plant running red.

Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan is confident that measures implemented by his government to strengthen a fragile banking sector will deliver dividends, based on a declining debt forecast and a number of government reforms.



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In ItalianoIn Italiano

Sandro Gozi, Sottosegretario della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
Fatti e Storie
Letizia Airos(November 10, 2017)
Nella carica dei 3002 partecipanti italiani alla maratona di New York c'era anche Sandro Gozi, Sottosegretario della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Lo abbiamo intervistato. Cosa vuol dire correre a New York poche ore dopo un attentato...
Arte e Cultura
Letizia Airos(November 08, 2017)
Il concerto al The Town Hall di New York del principe dei cantautori. Esile e raffinato ha regalato momenti di grande intensità e profondità. Bis, tris, e alla fine il regalo di una canzone napoletana insieme alla moglie, Alessandra Gobbi
Gennaro Matino(October 29, 2017)
Oggi non parliamo della morte perché o non crediamo nella vita oltre la vita o non abbiamo il coraggio della vita fatta perfino di quotidiana morte e pensiamo di sfuggirla nascondendola a noi stessi.

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Format: 2017-11-18

November 18

Up Close: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel
10:00 am to 08:30 pm
Los Angeles
Westfield Topanga
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United States
Exhibition: Ileana Sonnabend and Arte Povera Curated by Germano Celant
10:00 am to 06:00 pm
New York
Lévy Gorvy Gallery
New York, NY
United States
Viaggi in italia: Arrangiarsi. Pizza...& the Art of Living
10:00 am
Los Angeles
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
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Saturday Children’s Classes
10:30 am to 12:00 pm
New York
Westchester Italian Cultural Center
1 Generoso Pope Place
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I Piccoli Lettori
10:30 am to 11:30 am
I AM Books
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