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DirectTV presents Mediaset Italia
At War For Love, "In Guerra per Amore" directed by Pif
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(February 22, 2018)
Presented at the St. Anthony Main Theatre, Minneapolis and St. Paul are hosting its annual Italian Film Festival. This is the 10-year anniversary of the event that screens modern Italian films and documentaries. The Italian Film Festival is hosted by the Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and is organized by the Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
From the left, Maestro Roberto Scarcella Perino and Maestro Giuseppe Bruno at Casa Italiana. Photo Credit Shushu Chen
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(February 16, 2018)
Accomplished Italian composer in residence at NYU, Roberto Scarcella Perino, graced the audience with the US premiere of his “Piano Sonata No. 3” played by virtuoso pianist Giuseppe Bruno along with other pieces from the maestro's repertoire.
Life & People
Maria Teresa Cometto(February 16, 2018)
You can be innovative and start a “revolution” even in a small town in Italy: that’s the story told by world known scientist Ilaria Capua last night at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York. It was the kick-off of a new series of conversations called “Outstanding Italian Women in the US”. “We’ll have also women in art, music, food and finance,” said the director of the Institute Giorgio van Straten, introducing the event.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Bust of Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino, 1623-24. Marble. Church of the Gesù, Rome. Detail
Art & Culture
Alexandra M. Fanelli(February 16, 2018)
"The Holy Name: Art of the Gesù: Bernini and His Age" opened at Fairfield University Art Museum on February 2nd. Curated by Director Linda Wolk-Simon, this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition features treasures from Rome's Church of the Gesù, never before seen in America, including a great Bernini’s marble sculpture.
I. i.(February 09, 2018)
Fiorella Mannoia, the female voice of Italian song, the "singer’s singer" will take the Manhattan stage on Friday, February 23rd at Town Hall. In this long-awaited Stateside appearance, the audience will be treated to Mannoia’s interpretations of the songbook that has accompanied fans of Italian music for over two generations. This special event also serves as the wrap-up of The Combattente Tour, a string of exactly 100 live dates through Italy’s most prestigious theaters as well as...
Art & Culture
Sara Krevoy(February 14, 2018)
On view until Feb. 23, NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò presents an iteration of the photographic exhibition ReSignifications, which focuses on the study, understanding and celebration of black bodies. Synchronized with the occasion of Black History Month here in the US, the exposition is rooted in an Italian and European context.
Life & People
Letizia Airos(February 09, 2018)
Our congratulations to Linda R Carlozzi, for making Crain's NY's list of 100 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC! She is a Principal in the New York City, New York, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. She joined the firm in 1997 and focuses her practice on traditional labor law. Besides being an accomplished professional, Linda is a leading member of the Italian-American community; she serves on the Board of Directors of the National Italian American Foundation, NOIAW Member and is the...
Life & People
Tommaso Cartia(February 09, 2018)
An exclusive interview with Gina Lollobrigida and the protagonists of ‘Filming on Italy.’ On Feb. 1, the great Italian actress was recognized on the prestigious Walk of Fame. Thanks to the request of Tiziana Rocca and her Agnus Dei, the Hollywood Chambers voted unanimously to honor Lollobrigida. An exceptional event that accompanies the rich program of ‘Filming on Italy,’ a festival created by Rocca in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. which this year pays homage to another Italian star, Monica Bellucci.
The Mentoris Project - Christopher Columbus: His Life and Discoveries by Mario Di Giovanni
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(February 09, 2018)
This February, the Barbera Foundation will present the Mentoris Project with a series of e-books that celebrate the accomplishments of Italians and Italian-Americans at the Institute of Italian Culture in Los Angeles.
Spaghetti alla Nerano - Tartina's specialty
Dining in & out
Tommaso Cartia(February 09, 2018)
Tartina (canapè), a new Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side, definitely serves more than just hors d'oeuvres of Italian tantalizing delicacies, yet it still maintains the same fresh, casual, and cool vibe in a shabby-chic atmosphere. After the successful venture in Midtown, the restaurant has relocated bringing all of the charms of the Italian dolce vita to the Morning Heights neighborhood.
Art & Culture
Nicole Campisano(February 05, 2018)
Lineapelle’s two-day event showcased exclusive international producers of leather, and textiles for shoes, handbags, and other goods. Among the luxurious craftsmanship was a free aperitivo sponsored by various Italian brands: Abaton, Edesia,...
Facts & Stories
Photo Credit. Sara Pettinella
Art & Culture
Tommaso Cartia(February 01, 2018)
After last year's success, Italian singer Mafalda Minnozzi and American guitarist Paul Ricci are back with a new U.S. Winter Tour and a new album - Cool Romantics. On Feb. 8th they will perform at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò to commemorate...
Little Chefs - Learning Italian and how to make Tiramisu at Speakitaly
Life & People
Sara Krevoy(January 31, 2018)
In a little less than one year, Raffaella Galliani has nourished her very own language school into a growing, thriving business. The language teacher of nearly 12 years has broken out on her own, working both with adults and children to enrich...
Art & Culture
Sara Krevoy(February 01, 2018)
On Feb. 9, the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco will open an exhibition consisting of paintings by Italian artist Silvia Caimi. The Institute will host a reception to kick off the display, including an artist talk with Caimi herself.
The solo exhibit Hope by Laura Fantini is on display, now through April 29th, at Queens Botanical Garden. The Brooklyn- based Italian artist, presents a body of work that includes drawings from her latest series of drawings, which is based...
NYC's MET Museum Digitally Recreates Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel
The Michelangelo exhibition at the MET is the cultural event of the season.  The New York Review of Books defined it “the finest show on the artist any of us will ever see”. To explore in depth the idea behind the exhibit, the Cultural Attaché of...
As February celebrates African-American History Month, Director Fred “Kudjo” Kuwornu will present his documentary, "Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema,” at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco on February 20th....
Capitoline museum in Palazzo Nuovo
Italy is celebrating the nearly three centuries since inauguration of the world's first public art museum, the Capitoline, founded and funded in 1733 with income from, of all things, a public lottery.
Life & People

Gina Lollobrigida and Monica Bellucci Protagonists in L.A.

Starting from Jan. 31st, the iconic Italian actresses will be honored during the 3-day Filming on Italy festival sponsored by the Agnus Dei Production of Tiziana Rocca and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.
Facts & Stories

Ferrero buys Nestle's U.S.

Italy's brand Ferrero continues expanding aggressively, and has now closed a $2.8-billion deal for Nestle's US confectionary business, becoming the third biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world.
Art & Culture

The Sicilian Carts Journey to L.A.

Until Feb. 4, the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA) will hold an exhibition ‘The Sicilian Cart: History in Movement.’ Focusing on Sicily’s most recognized symbol–the carretto–the display delves into the historic vehicles of transportation and culture, whose presence still resonates on the island today.
Art & Culture

PERSPECTIVES Opens at Museo Italo Americano in SF

The exhibition, opening on January 28th through April 29th 2018, features the works of Italian American artists Gianluca Franzese, Marietta Patricia Leis and Giuseppe Palumbo.
Life & People

The National Organization of Italian American Women Honors Three Wise Women

National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) will honor three of the New York area’s influential and prominent women. - Paola Prestini, Co-founder and Artistic Director, National Sawdust. - Elizabeth Defeis, Law professor and lawyer, Expertise in human rights. = Teresa Ghilarducci, Professor, labor economics; Nationally-recognized expert in retirement security.

Finding the Right Words?

A few days ago, while watching Al Jazeera, or was it the dreaded Russian Television Network during lunch, I was not at all surprised to hear that the most-articulate-ever President of the United States of America, or POTUS as some refer to him, had embarrassed us, the Suffering People of the United States, or SPOTUS, again. Unlike his Kenyan-born Muslim presidential predecessor, there is never any doubt that he alone among all others truly says what he means. This time, he was heard muttering something scatologically unmentionable about “depressions into which manure is deposited.”
Art & Culture

Brooks Brothers Kicks Off Its 200th Anniversary in Florence

In Florence, Italy, Brooks Brothers held its 200th year anniversary in Palazzo Vecchio to celebrate the brand’s longevity and accomplishments. CEO Claudio Del Vecchio who bought Brooks Brothers in 2001, is honored to be a part of the company's history.
Art & Culture

Best Places to Visit in 2018: Basilicata Ranks Third

In Italy’s deep south, there is a region that for decades has never gained the attention it deserves. The New York Times, however, just placed Basilicata as the third best place to visit in 2018.
Art & Culture

Iom Romì (A Day in Rome) Screens at the New York Jewish Film Festival

After a strong November debut at the Pitigliani Kolno’s Festival in Rome, director Valerio Ciriaci’s film Iom Romi (A Day in Rome) will be screened at Film Society of Lincoln Center on Jan. 21 (4:30pm). Ciriaci will hold a Q&A session at the end of the film, joined by executive producers Natalia Idrimi and Alessandro Cassin.
Facts & Stories

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Consulate General of Italy commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th, by reading the names of Italian Jews who were deported from Italy on Monday 29th. In memory of the victims, the Consulate General of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute, Centro Primo Levi, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU, the Italian Academy at Columbia University, the Calandra Institute at CUNY, and La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi will host multiple educational programs concerning the ideologies that lead to the Holocaust, such as antisemitism.
Facts & Stories

Rubbish and Recycling

The holidays are over but not the outrage in Rome over the huge piles of rubbish, worse than ever after the Christmas season. The streets are littered, including in the historical center. This being the country that gave us Machiavelli, the rubbish also stinks of politics.
Life & People

Erene Mastrangeli: Finding Purpose Within the Chaos

Italian-born singer-songwriter Erene Mastrangeli–who currently resides in NYC–reflects on the journey that brought her to pursuing music in the US, her experience in the music industry, and her upcoming album Love, Shine.
Life & People


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Art & Culture

Gianni Versace - An American Crime Story

FX premieres “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” January 17th. The miniseries revolves around the murder of the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace starring Edgar Ramirez as Versace, Penelope Cruz as his sister Donatella and Ricky Martin as Versace's partner.
Art & Culture

The Capital Italian

A journey through DC’s Italian roots while enjoying its contemporary Italian-centric culture. The city’s strong ties to the Italian sense of beauty have remained steady through modern times.

President Mattarella and Italy - Plunging into 2018

In his New Year's speech President Sergio Mattarella praised Italy's politicians for having the legislature last the regulation 5 years. But in national general elections that take place in just 60 days, those with "institutional responsibilities" must each do his share, he said.
Life & People

La Befana vien di notte!!!

Get ready for January 6th because the holidays are not over yet... at least not for Italians! More treats and presents await you thanks to the tradition of the Befana. This day is called the Epiphany, a religious holiday that marks the official conclusion of the festive season for Christians all around the world.
Art & Culture

Tredici Bacci comes to Brooklyn

Tredici Bacci, a 14-piece ensemble, will perform in Bushwick, Brooklyn for a concert event January 13th.
Facts & Stories

Italian Apparel Company wins Trademark Battle against Apple

Apple sues an Italian clothing company for the right to use the name Steve Jobs on whatever they please, and loses.
Art & Culture

The Baths of Caracalla in 3D: “A Journey Back in Time”

Now until the end of 2019, tourists visiting the roman Baths of Caracalla ruins will be able to witness the site in its original glory with the help of virtual reality goggles.
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While Italy's economic growth has picked up this year, it belies grim realities below the surface, few of which are being addressed directly as politicians stump for a national ballot on March 4.

PROTESTORS from the social centres, anti-racist and anti-fascist movements have clashed with police tonight during a rally against a meeting of the Italian far-right party ‘CasaPound’ in Turin ahead of the Italian election on March 4th.

SANTA MARIA DI CASTELLABATE, Italy — On a recent afternoon, Alessia D’Alessando ran into a couple of friends on the boardwalk of the town along the southern Italian coast where she spent her teenage summers swimming in the sea and living with her mother in the local prince’s historic palace.

As our favorite Italian beauties return to the catwalk as Milan Fashion Week officially gets into full swing, it's their beauty prep routines when they are off the runway that has us dying to peek inside their beauty bags.

Italy's 10-year government bond yield was poised on Friday for its biggest weekly rise of the year so far, reflecting growing unease about a national election, just around the corner, that is expected to result in a hung parliament.

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s 81-year-old media mogul, has sought to stamp his authority on his unruly centre-right coalition ahead of next month’s general election, dismissing the rise of his Eurosceptic rightwing allies and touting his own moderate choice as the country’s future prime minister.

Bouncing her son on her knee in a bedroom in Milan,Tracy Obawmnoyi described her ambition to become a maid in Italy.

Whatever the outcome of next month’s election, Italy’s bonds should be safe for a while yet.

For those interested in a good overview of Italian fashion’s fundamental years, the exhibition “Italiana, Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971–2001” shouldn’t be missed.

There is a risk of Italy's mafias "conditioning" the general election in March, Italy's Interior Minister Marco Minniti warned.


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In ItalianoIn Italiano

Fatti e Storie
I. i.(February 18, 2018)
Il 4 marzo 2018 in Italia ci saranno le elezioni politiche per il rinnovo del Parlamento italiano. Anche i cittadini italiani residenti all’estero, iscritti nelle liste elettorali della circoscrizione estero, potranno esercitare il proprio diritto...
Enrico Colavita
Fatti e Storie
Letizia Airos(February 04, 2018)
Intervista con Enrico Colavita. A cavallo tra la presidenza di Confindustria Molise appena avviata e la recentissima candidatura al Senato della Repubblica Italiana. Un imprenditore che da sempre ha creduto nelle reti d’impresa e che mette la sua...

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