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On Friday, February 24th, "M’illumino di Meno" (Lighting Ourselves Less) is back for its 13th edition. "M’illumino di Meno" is the most important awareness campaign dedicated to energy conservation. The initiative is organized by Caterpillar, an Italian radio program that is produced and transmitted by Rai Radio 2. The i-Italy team on Central Park West is participating in Caterpillar’s energy conservation initiative "M’illumino di Meno" (Lighting Ourselves Less). The staff will turn off their office’s lights and work by candlelight for one hour. Stay tuned and take part in the initiative yourself! Turn off your lights in solidarity, even for a brief moment, and let us know via e-mail or on Facebook.
i-Italy on the Go!
World-renowned chef Lidia Matticchio Bastianich during i-Italy's interview
Life & People
Alex Catti(February 23, 2017)
World-famous Italian chef Lidia Bastianich has a story that transcends the culinary industry. Lidia was born following the conclusion of World War II, a time when European countries were still settling border disputes. As a young girl, she grew up among three different cultures, each with a profound influence on her. Today, as a professional, Lidia’s childhood experiences and her family ties continue to prove monumental in her continued success.
Proposed new stadium, with skyscrapers, culture-commercial center
Judith Harris(February 22, 2017)
Whether or not Rome is to have a new soccer stadium is approaching a decsion. The present 54-year-old Olympic Stadium, now home to local rival teams AS Roma and to SS Lazio, comes with serious defects, but construction of the proposed new $1.26 billion stadium faces no less serious obstacles.
Art & Culture
Samantha Janazzo(February 20, 2017)
From the young age of 11 years old, Lino Tagliapietra began his glassblowing apprenticeship on the island of Murano in the picturesque city of Venice. Today, he is one of the most renowned glassblowers of our time, known for his independence, innovation, and creativity. From March 11 to June 18, 2017 his pieces will be exhibited at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey.
Art & Culture
Tommaso Cartia(February 23, 2017)
The recent surge in mass immigration has dominated the news—its trials challenging the moral compass of the developed world. Cinema has begun to respond by broadcasting the poetic and often urgent stories of these migrants. Italian Director Gianfranco Rosi's documentary "Fire at Sea" (2017 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature) and Italian-Moroccan director Adil Azzab's "My Name Is Adil" paint a complex portrait of the emotional realities behind the headlines.
Art & Culture
Tommaso Cartia(February 23, 2017)
The international road-show promoting Festival Verdi, an event that every year celebrates the Italian Opera genius, stopped in New York, at the Italian Cultural Institute. A set of exceptional personalities presented the event, such as Anna Maria Meo – General Manager of Teatro Regio in Parma and Stefano Bonaccini – President of Emila-Romagna region.
Multi ethnic kids
Our multi-ethnic kids (photo: DPH, State of Connecticut)
John Gennari(February 17, 2017)
The morning after the election, when I awakened my twin ten-year old daughters with news of Donald Trump’s upset victory, each of them broke into tears and asked the same question: what will happen to our Muslim friends? I didn’t have a good answer, and I still don’t. But I do know this: here in Vermont it is our Muslim neighbors who are keeping America great and making us feel right at home.
Facts & Stories
Kayla Pantano(February 20, 2017)
The freshly planted Starbucks-sponsored palm trees at the Piazza Duomo were set alight following protests with a racist tinge alleging “Africanization” and the recent outcry over the chain's planned arrival in Italy.
The panel for the first event of this year's Digital Diplomacy Series
Life & People
Joelle Grosso(February 15, 2017)
On February 13th, the Italian Embassy and the Italian diplomatic network in the United States held a panel discussion in Washington D.C. about news, the Internet, and foreign policy as part of their Digital Diplomacy Series.
Stanley Tucci, director of the Final Portrait
Art & Culture
Samantha Janazzo(February 15, 2017)
Stanley Tucci directs a comedy film about the process of creating the "Portrait of James Lord" by the famous contemporary artist Alberto Giacometti. It bears witness to the not-so-glamorous inner and outer workings of the artistic mindset of both Giacometti and his subject, James Lord, in 1964 Paris.
A Bronx Tale: The Musical is currently showing at the Longacre Theatre
Art & Culture
Liza Giangrande, Joelle Grosso(February 17, 2017)
After its great successes as both a one-man show and a film, "A Bronx Tale" has returned to New York City as a Broadway musical. Currently playing at the Longacre Theatre, this musical rendition of the famous play turned movie, tells the classic coming of age tale that provides a soulful insight into a community as it used to be.
Pirrone d'Elide(February 12, 2017)
Voting is a private matter; that's why there are curtains on the polling booths. So when I-ITALY Magazine asked for reflections upon my preference - and vote - for Donald Trump, I was hesitant, but agreed nonetheless to present what would be a counter opinion to many they had received.
Luisa Del Giudice's family
Luisa Del Giudice(February 12, 2017)
What prompts peoples to embark on perilous, unknown journeys in search of hospitable lands, if not desperation? For the vast majority of people around the world, the motives remain: hunger, oppression, war. These are good reasons to leave home. We should never demonize such people. They are us. This was our past. I have always referred to my parents as “economic refugees” due to the dire situation in which they (like so many others) found themselves after WWII. We pray it will never be our future. But it might.
Art & Culture
Joelle Grosso(February 16, 2017)
Paola Antonelli and Maria Popova recently met up at the Italian Cultural Institute as part of their new series of events in honor of the incredible Italian writer, Italo Calvino.
The signature style of Luca della Robbia
A new exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. celebrates the fabulous work of Italian sculptor Luca della Robbia and the three generations of his family workshop.
Poster of the documentary
On occasion of Black History Month 2017 as well as Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò’s "Primi al Cinema" film series, the documentary entitled “Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema” by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu makes it’s debut in...
Facts & Stories
Tommaso Cartia(February 07, 2017)
Eataly is the biggest market for Italian products in the world, so what better way to celebrate its tenth anniversary than with a toast? For this occasion, the beautiful Eataly NYC Downtown location was transformed into a vineyard to host Slow Wine...
The Ferrari crew at the International Automobile Festival. In the centre Flavio Manzoni, the Director of "Centro Stile Ferrari" and Senior Vice President of Ferrari Design
The distinguished International Automobile Festival bestowed their top honor to the striking new Ferrari GTC4Lusso, making this the car’s first European award of the year.

Rather Than Closing Our Borders in Fear, Consider the Benefits of Opening Our Doors to Immigrant Students

Were it not for the United States’ earlier generous stance towards foreign students, even those from former enemy nations, I would not be here myself. My father came to the United States in 1953 on one of the first Fulbright scholarships. And even though he came from Italy, an enemy nation during much of WWII, he and countless others like him were welcomed to the United States through these scholarships.
Art & Culture

“Supercar of the Year” goes to the Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The distinguished International Automobile Festival bestowed their top honor to the striking new Ferrari GTC4Lusso, making this the car’s first European award of the year.
Art & Culture

Preserving the Past: New Efforts to Support the Verona Amphitheater

A team of highly qualified engineers and architects from Germany are collaborating to prolong the life of one of Ancient Rome's greatest gifts, The Verona Arena. This project is sponsored by the European apparel brand, Calzedonia.
Art & Culture

Recycled Orchestra to Perform at This Year’s Sanremo Festival

This year the 67th edition of the popular Sanremo Music Festival will feature the “Orchestra Reciclados de Cateura” (“Cateura’s Recycled Orchestra”) who come all the way from Paraguay to perform on Italy’s biggest stage.
Art & Culture

“Italian Style: Fashion & Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age”

Author Eugenia Paulicelli delivered a special presentation on her most recent book about Italian fashion and film at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, where she treated the audience with a taste of her findings.
Facts & Stories

Russo Brothers Offer Young Filmmakers an Unforgettable Opportunity

Recognized for their Marvel blockbusters and popular TV show "Arrested Development," the Russo Brothers credit their success to the support of their parents, and their Italian-American roots. To provide new opportunities in the film industry, the two brothers have joined with NIAF and ISDA to award $7,500 for rising filmmakers to produce new documentaries defining Italian culture in the United States.
Facebook i-Italy

Italian Americans are Split over Trump—But Conservatives are More Vocal than Liberals

The most commonly held view of Italian Americans is that they are overwhelmingly conservative. Our social network experience, however, tells us a different, more complex story. In response to the recent presidential executive order, i-Italy has published a series of articles from various contributors who took the side of opposition. Once the posts hit Facebook, we received mixed feedback from our readers. While the hundreds of "likes" and "shares" received in the first 24 hours show that the majority applaud the content, many of the comments and replies suggest otherwise—most defend Trump’s reasoning and argue with the opinions presented in the articles. This proves that not all Italian Americans are of the same mindset. It also reflects a historical shift in public behavior that has already been observed many times in America: liberals tend to constitute a more "silent" majority online (they are content with pressing the "like" button) while conservatives are more vocal and tend to occupy the sphere of public discourse (they use the "comments" tool more frequently).
Art & Culture

Michael Cunningham's Hours in Matera

At the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, internationally acclaimed writer and Pulitzer Prize Award Winner of "The Hours"–Michael Cunningham–presented his lyrical lecture on the exceptional city of Matera (Basilicata). The American author visited the city in 2016 when he was invited by APT Basilicata (the agency that promotes tourism in that area). In conversation with Giorgio van Straten–director of the Institute–Cunningham enchanted the audience with his passionate ode to the city and talked about his connection to Italy, as well as about his work.

Palermo is Voted Italy's Culture Capital 2018

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini announced that Palermo was voted Culture Capital of Italy for 2018. For the honor Palermo bested Trento, Aquileia, Montebelluna, Settimo Torinese, Comacchio, Recanati, Ercolano, Alghero and the twin townships of Erice and Elimo in Eastern Sicily.

LA VIGNETTA - “Is the American Dream Over?”

There has been some talk lately that has many people asking if the newly elected President is more than just a problem for the United States, for Muslims, and for women. The Muslim ban is the first of many attempts to undermine individual liberties and human rights. This is why Trump is not just a problem for America but rather for the whole world–regardless of how much political or economic power he may hold.
Golden Door - Nuovomondo

Where are the Golden Door and the “Neworld” Heading?

When President Trump signed his Executive Order, I was preparing for my classes, and happened to be working on a lecture and discussion of Emanuele Crialese’s Golden Door (Nuovomondo – in Italian), a film about historical migration from Italy to the U.S. The story follows the travails of an extremely poor Sicilian family, the Mancusos, embarking on the transatlantic journey to reach the U.S. at the time of Mass Migration; it offers its take on concepts that in these days are omnipresent in the public debate: the image of the U.S. as a land of immigrants; the process of vetting those arriving at its boundaries; and the rejection of those deemed “unfit.” Mutatis mutandis, it’s not hard to extrapolate to a Syrian family searching for a new opportunity after much deprivation and suffering in their home country. For those of us living so close to that very statue that lifts its lamp beside the golden door in the New York Bay, the question about where the new world of the Mancuso family, “America,” is heading has never been more pressing.

After Ellis Island? Italians at the Border in the Age of Trump

Italians do know what it means seeking entry to the United States with fear of detention, deportation, and refusal.

The Italian American Contribution to Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution (1979) simply states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Art & Culture

The Festival Verdi 2017 Celebrates an Opera Sensation

Parma and Busseto co-host The Festival Verdi 2017 to celebrate the operatic arts and the legacy of an Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, with some of his finest productions.
Art & Culture

Stadio della Roma: A Glorious Mix of Past, Present, and Future

The challenge of designing a new home for A.S. Roma, one of the most renowned soccer teams in Italian history, has fallen to American architect Dan Meis. The real estate investment should increase the value of Rome’s southern district Tor di Valle.
Art & Culture

Haring's Work Comes to Milan's Piazza Reale

Over 100 Keith Haring pieces will be exhibited in Milan's Piazza Reale from February to June. His iconic "street art" style speaks volumes to the changing viewpoints of love, hate, fear, and war during the 80's and 90's in the USA while tying in international culture and history.

Walls and Bans. A View from San Diego

As a scholar of Italian Studies with an interest in migration, working at a large Hispanic-designated public university in San Diego, the series of executive orders issued by the new U.S. President last week raised some puzzling questions about their impact in my region and their resonance with past events related to Italy’s emigrant and colonial histories.

"Immigration Ban." An Italian American Perspective

President Trump’s recent Executive Order can be seen in two very different historical perspectives. On the one hand, it is in keeping with a long tradition of demonizing immigrants—something Italians, among others, have long experienced in the past. On the other hand, Americans often point with pride to the history of accepting immigrants, as embodied (literally) in the figure of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Italian Americans have a particular responsibility in this new (or old) political landscape.
Facts & Stories

Abruzzo's Avalanche: After a Week of Search Efforts

The weeklong search for possible survivors at the Hotel Rigopiano has concluded with the amount of victims totaling to 29 out of the 40 onsite at the time of the disaster.
Facts & Stories

Giorno della Memoria: May We Never Forget

January 27th is the Giorno della Memoria, or International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which pays tribute to the victims who tragically lost their lives during the Nazi-Fascist persecution more than 80 years ago.
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In America, there is a rare echelon of pop stars so big they only need one name: Madonna, Cher, Prince. In Italy, that name is Zucchero.

Bust out the forks and knives, it’s time for the South Florida’s Italian Festival.

Italy's press slam Leicester's players and hierarchy for sacking the man who guided them to the Premier League title

Berlin and Rome are backing the European Commission’s plan to rule out starting trade talks with Britain until the UK gives assurances on a multibillion-euro Brexit bill and citizens’ rights.

Italy’s oldest native-born nun, Candida Bellotti, celebrated her 110th birthday with best wishes from Pope Francis. Her secret? “Love, love and keep on loving. With joy!” the nun said while celebrating the occasion at the convent where she lives in the Tuscan town of Lucca.

It's no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a popular choice for destination weddings. But true love never did run smooth - and neither did Italian bureaucracy - so here's everything you should know before you start planning the big day in Italy, according to two experienced wedding planners.

Strike action at some of Italy’s major airports has caused hundreds of domestic and international flights to be cancelled.

Brussels has warned Italy to cut its record public debt by April to avoid breaching EU budget rules.

A paper bomb went off near the Italian parliament here as hundreds of taxi drivers protested over delays over an Italian legislation regulating app-based Uber and car-hire services.

As Matteo Renzi battles infighting at the PD, tensions are rising at Five Star.


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Fatti e Storie
Venerdì 24 Febbraio torna la tredicesima edizione di “M’illumino di Meno”, la più importante campagna di sensibilizzazione dedicata al risparmio energetico. L’iniziativa è organizzata da Caterpillar, trasmissione radiofonica italiana, prodotta e...
Arte e Cultura
Tommaso Cartia(February 20, 2017)
Il grande road-show internazionale per la promozione del Festival Verdi, l'evento che ogni anno celebra il genio dell'opera italiana, ha fatto tappa a New York, presso l'Istituto Italiano di Cultura. A presentare l'eccezionale...

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