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Flagship Bookstore Rizzoli Reopens

Alessio Shostak

The iconic bookstore Rizzoli reopened its doors to much fanfare on Tuesday, July 21st in a brand new location in the NoMad neighborhood. This move comes approximately a year after...

Vesuvius: The Waiting Game

Judith Harris

This week the mayors of 25 townships bordering Mount Vesuvius are meeting to discuss evacuation plans for what experts call an inevitable future eruption. Scary? Yes -- the most...

Erene Performs Live in BK

I. I.

Italian-born singer-songwriter ERENE has emerged on the NYC scene, moving her audiences with dreamy, poetic lyrics combined with strong melodies and harmonic sophistication.

Don't You Just Love Italy in the Fall?

O. C.

Italy is splendid in the Summer, but it is wonderful in the Fall. And with lower fares for airline and hotels, Fall in Italy may be a real deal. Many Italians and foreigners alike...

Meeting a Beat in Paris

George De Stefano

Fred Misurella recalls his 1976 interview with Gregory Corso, newly republished in "The Whole Shot"

Part I -- The Unfortunate Pilgrim*: Or You Can’t Get There From Here

Jerry Krase

*With apologies to Mario Puzo this essay in three-parts will demonstrate why, as to reconnecting to or even finding my Sicilian/Italian ethnic roots, "you can't get there from...

Diane Keaton and Jude Law to star in Sorrentino’s ‘The Young Pope’

Alessio Shostak

Jude Law and Diane Keaton will star in Sorrentino’s ‘The Young Pope’, an eight-episode TV series co-produced by Sky, HBO and France’s Canal Plus. The story marks Oscar...

Luxury Textile At Milano Unica Fair

Stefano Celsi

Milano Unica, the luxury textile and accessories fair based in Milan, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development in partnership with the Italian Trade Commission of...

Keeping Apulian Food Traditions Alive with Rossella Rago

Natasha Lardera

Between her participation as celebrity chef at the Milwaukee Festa Italiana and at the Chicago Taylor Street Festa Italiana, Rossella Rago, the host of the online cooking show and...

Islands of Excellence

Judith Harris

Despite the graft and graffiti, and the New York Times dissing Rome, Italy continues to vaunt countless islands of excellence, where the landscape is unspoiled, the finest of...

Visionary Fashion Icon Elio Fiorucci Died

Alessio Shostak

Fashion designer and visionary Elio Fiorucci was found dead in his Milan home on Monday. He was 80 years old. Famous for their stretch jeans, his brand’s eccentric, funky and...

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