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Remembering Aldo Moro 40 Years After Kidnapping

March 16 marks the 40th anniversary of the day when Aldo Moro was kidnapped and his five bodyguards were killed by Red Brigades, in a military-style operation on Via Fani in Rome. The ghost of that murder still haunts Italian politics.

Loving Italy: It’s Easy as Pizza Pie

There are hundreds of reasons why an American expat may fall in love with Italy andlive there for half a century. Nature, art, food, the people... and national health care!
Expert Advice About Doing Business in the US

Experts Advise Italians About Doing Business in the US. “Should You Convert Your S Corp to C Corporation Status?”

Many newly established companies throughout the US today, are small and medium businesses owned by Italian citizens, green card holders and naturalized Americans of Italian origin. In the first of a series of articles aimed at providing expert advice to Italians about doing business in the US, Joe Molloy, CPA at Grassi & Co., tackles a very hot issue today, namely: “Should you choose S Corp or C Corporation Status for your business? And, given the recent modifications of the tax law, which features many new advantages for C Corps, should you convert your S Corp to C Corporation status or stay put?” Since the deadline for conversion is March 15th, this is a very sensitive matter for all those interested.

La Scuola d’Italia Celebrates its Annual Benefit Dinner

La Scuola D’Italia will honor New York State’s former First Lady, Matilda Cuomo, and Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, Stefano Domenicali, at its annual gala on March 2, 2018 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.

Outstanding Italian Women in the US: Ilaria Capua

You can be innovative and start a “revolution” even in a small town in Italy: that’s the story told by world known scientist Ilaria Capua last night at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York. It was the kick-off of a new series of conversations called “Outstanding Italian Women in the US”. “We’ll have also women in art, music, food and finance,” said the director of the Institute Giorgio van Straten, introducing the event.

Linda Carlozzi. An Extraordinary Italian American Woman

Our congratulations to Linda R Carlozzi, for making Crain's NY's list of 100 Leading Women Lawyers in NYC! She is a Principal in the New York City, New York, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. She joined the firm in 1997 and focuses her practice on traditional labor law. Besides being an accomplished professional, Linda is a leading member of the Italian-American community; she serves on the Board of Directors of the National Italian American Foundation, NOIAW Member and is the Chairwoman of the Italian Welfare League. To celebrate, we chose to republish our feature story about her extraordinary life. In this piece, Linda tells us about her family roots, how she discovered NIAF, and what’s like to be a woman in a predominantly male world. She also reflects on changing perceptions of Italian-American culture both in the US and in Italy; and offers her take on what should be done to strengthen mutual understanding among Italians across the ocean.

Gina Lollobrigida Shines on the Walk of Fame

An exclusive interview with Gina Lollobrigida and the protagonists of ‘Filming on Italy.’ On Feb. 1, the great Italian actress was recognized on the prestigious Walk of Fame. Thanks to the request of Tiziana Rocca and her Agnus Dei, the Hollywood Chambers voted unanimously to honor Lollobrigida. An exceptional event that accompanies the rich program of ‘Filming on Italy,’ a festival created by Rocca in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. which this year pays homage to another Italian star, Monica Bellucci.

Feeding Speakitaly's Promising Future

In a little less than one year, Raffaella Galliani has nourished her very own language school into a growing, thriving business. The language teacher of nearly 12 years has broken out on her own, working both with adults and children to enrich their working knowledge of Italian language and culture.

Outstanding Italian Women: An Epiphany at NOIAW

The National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW), awarded three "Wise Women" at their annual New York Region Epiphany Celebration. Members, family and friends gathered to honor three women who exemplify what it means to be a role model: Elizabeth F. Defeis, professor at Seton Hall University’s School of Law; Dr. Teresa Ghilarducci, Chair in Economic Policy Analysis at The New School for Social Research and Paola Prestini, composer, co-founder and artistic director of the National Sawdust.

Gina Lollobrigida and Monica Bellucci Protagonists in L.A.

Starting from Jan. 31st, the iconic Italian actresses will be honored during the 3-day Filming on Italy festival sponsored by the Agnus Dei Production of Tiziana Rocca and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.

The National Organization of Italian American Women Honors Three Wise Women

National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) will honor three of the New York area’s influential and prominent women. - Paola Prestini, Co-founder and Artistic Director, National Sawdust. - Elizabeth Defeis, Law professor and lawyer, Expertise in human rights. = Teresa Ghilarducci, Professor, labor economics; Nationally-recognized expert in retirement security.

Erene Mastrangeli: Finding Purpose Within the Chaos

Italian-born singer-songwriter Erene Mastrangeli–who currently resides in NYC–reflects on the journey that brought her to pursuing music in the US, her experience in the music industry, and her upcoming album Love, Shine.


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La Befana vien di notte!!!

Get ready for January 6th because the holidays are not over yet... at least not for Italians! More treats and presents await you thanks to the tradition of the Befana. This day is called the Epiphany, a religious holiday that marks the official conclusion of the festive season for Christians all around the world.

"An Italian Auspicious Mind"... For the Coming Year...

What could be better than celebrating the end of the old year and the start of the new year (in Italian il Capodanno) in an auspicious way? Of course food plays an important role. Lentils are always present in the traditional Italian Cenone di Capodanno... but let's see what's bring you good luck in the coming year

Christmas Italian-American Traditions from One Generation to the Next

Family recipes, play a huge part on the holidays; here are some of the mouthwatering classics.

To Lucio Caputo the “Gold Medal” of The Foreign Policy Association

New York - December 13 — Lucio Caputo, president of GEI and various organizations, was awarded the "Gold Medal" of the Foreign Policy Association at the prestigious organization's Gala, which took place on Tuesday, December 13th in the Ballroom of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

Cesidio’s Tree

Did you know that the tradition of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree started with an Italian? Come discover the story of Cesidio Perruzza, who while working the land for Mr. Rockefeller in the 20th Century, came up with the idea of decorating what today has become one of the most famous squares in the world.

Italian American Museum Hosts Seminar on the Mediterranean Diet

Little Italy’s Italian American Museum hosted a seminar on “The Mediterranean Diet: Present, Past and Future,” featuring presentations by experts on the subject. The seminar occurred on the heels of the passage of a new law in Calabria that looks to promote the Mediterranean Diet in relation to Nicotera, the birthplace of the Diet.

Celebrating Love, Life and Loss with Annalisa Menin

On Nov. 14, Venetian-born blogger Annalisa Menin honored the launch and book-signing of her first novel, My Last Year in New York, at Valentino Fifth Ave. i-Italy was there and had the chance to ask the author what inspired her to write the book.