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Ferrari 812 Superfast: Most Powerful Car in the World

Notorious for speed, design, and innovation, Ferrari breaks records with their most powerful automobile yet, the 812 Superfast.

Digital Diplomacy Series: Journalism in Modern Day America

On February 13th, the Italian Embassy and the Italian diplomatic network in the United States held a panel discussion in Washington D.C. about news, the Internet, and foreign policy as part of their Digital Diplomacy Series.

Gianandrea Noseda on the Future of Opera

At the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, Gianandrea Noseda, an Italian conductor currently in the pit at the Met, and music historian, Harvey Sachs, spoke about the changes opera has experienced over the years and possible solutions for its success in the future.

ALMA: Lawyers’ Network Between Italy and the U.S.

We sat down with Paolo Strino, the President of the nonprofit association responsible for creating a network of professionals and alumni in the economic-legal sector.

Tony Rosato: Looking Back on the Comedian’s Life

Best known for his hilarious sketches on SCTV and Saturday Night Live, Italian-Canadian comedian Tony Rosato passed away on January 10th at the age of 62.

Italy Remembers Zygmunt Bauman: The Voice of Modernity

The renowned Poland-born left-wing thinker recently passed away, leaving behind an influential ethical footprint throughout the world, including the likes of Italy. In just this last year, he graced several festivals and conferences across the country, sharing with others his life testimony on what would be some of his very last days.

Peppe Voltarelli: Storyteller of our Times

New York’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosted singer-songwriter and storyteller Peppe Voltarelli for an intriguing presentation of his new record project “Voltarelli canta Profazio.” The Calabrese singer rediscovers both his ethnic origins and the work of Otello Profazio, one of the most important folk singer-songwriters in southern Italy. Stefano Albertini, director of Casa Italiana, presented the event alongside with Joseph Sciorra, Director for Academic and Cultural Programs at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (CUNY)

Places Please! Teatro Patologico’s Revolutionary Theater in Rome

An intimate audience gathered at La MaMa theater in Manhattan for an "Italian Miracle" and to welcome Dario D’Ambrosi, a luminary in the world of theater for the disabled and founder of "L'Associazione del Teatro Patologico" (Pathological Theater) in Rome. Since its founding, D'Ambrosi's Pathological Theater has grown into a university-level degree called "Teatro Integrato Dell'Emozione" (Integrated Theater of Emotion) at the University of Studies of Tor Vergata.

Italian “Christmas”: Religious & Pagan

Although in Italy the December holiday season is commonly called "Christmas Holidays", its traditions are far from being merely religious.Christian, pagan and lay themes are indeed strictly interwoven. This is visible even in the Presepe (Crèche), whose origins go back to St. Francis who staged the first living Nativity Scene back in 1223.

Meet a Renaissance Man

Sicilian-born New Yorker Roberto Scarcella Perino has written music for theater, choir, chamber ensemble, and children’s productions, but his artistic talents extend to the kitchen as well.

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Broadway Star is a Blessing for Saint Padre Pio. This November 19th & 20th in New York

Broadway Star is a Blessing for Saint Padre Pio. This November 19th & 20th in New York "I love the audience. When I step out on stage I get the same feeling toward the audience that I have for friends I've invited to my home for a party. I'm enthusiastic about seeing to it that they have a good time."

Confirmatory Referendum – December 4, 2016

For voters who are living abroad and registered with AIRE or for voters who are temporarily abroad.

Oncologist Umberto Veronesi, Father of Cancer Research, Dead at 90

Umberto Veronesi, a prominent oncologist, passed away November 8th at his home in Milan. Veronesi was famous for the work that he has done in preventing and treating breast cancer. He founded the Istituto Oncologico Italiano (IEO) in 1991, and he pioneered the surgical technique known as quadrantectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that is an alternative to a mastectomy.

What to Eat in Matera. Just Few Ideas

Eats that will get your mouth watering.

Discovering the Sicilian-Americans with the Cinisi Mayor, Giangiacomo Palazzolo

Motivated by the necessity to meet the Sicilian communities abroad, the mayor of Cinisi (Palermo), Giangiacomo Palazzolo, recently went to America to meet with three of the most important and populous Cinisarian communities: Chicago, Detroit, and New York

Nicola Orichuia’s Efforts Bring Italian-Americans Together

In June of 2015 Italian born journalist, Nicola Orichuia, heard a store in the North End of Boston Massachusetts was not renewing its lease. He dreamt of creating a cultural space for the Italian community and here was his chance. Along with co-owner, Jim Pinzino, Orchuia created I AM Books which is the first Italian-American book store in the country.

Mike’s Deli: Animating the Bronx’s “Big Italy”

Fresh off the G train to the Bronx - you have just landed in Italy. Given that a “Little Italy” already exists in N.Y.C. the Bronx, and in particular the Arthur Avenue area, should really deserve to be appointed the city’s “Big Italy.” The Arthur Avenue Retail Market offers some of the best and most authentic Italian food products in town. The very heart of this retail realm is Davids Greco’s “Mike’s Deli,” a place permeated with history, folklore and a religious commitment to quality.

Italian Heritage Reception at Gracie Mansion

The "Italian Heritage Reception" was hosted at The Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke about the importance of preserving the Italian language and heritage in NYC while First Lady Charlene McCray, President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation Angelo Vivolo, and actor/film director John Turturro also offered their sentiments regarding the Italian-American community.

“Openness, Inclusion, Equality. For a Better Society”

Interview in New York with the Minister of Education, Universities, and Research – Stefania Giannini. “I believe that now more than ever, the key words of the education and school systems – as well as society as a whole – are openness, inclusion, and equality. Through my political action, inspired by what I would call a liberal vision of the world, I’m trying to affirm these principles.”