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Sextantio - Le Grotte della Civita in Matera

Was created to offer its guests an unparalleled hospitality experience, one that is not classifiable in stars, and one that is definitely anything but conventional. The New York Times deemed it one of the most extraordinary destinations in the world and among the ten most beautiful hotels on a world scale.

Matera and Other Hidden Treasures of Basilicata

While we ready for this fascinating journey through a very tiny, yet gigantic region, we wonder, “How can such a small place have so much to offer?” A part of Italy’s Mezzogiorno that is still little known to mass tourism, Basilicata is blossoming these days. And one of its most beautiful cities, Matera, was recently selected as a European Capital of Culture 2019.

Another Suggestion for Your Early Spring Break—Venice.

Didn’t we say we’d take you to Italy this Spring? After the Amalfi Coast, here comes our second suggestion: a city made up of over 100 small islands, with buildings that seem to rise out of the water, no cars and plenty of seafood! Venice offers the best of what Italy has to offer. Plus, many hotels and resorts will welcome you with special offers and Alitalia will take you there through Rome at discounted rates!

Our Suggestions for the Spring. The Amalfi Coast!

Snow storms aside, let's admit it: Winter is about to end and we're already dreaming about our Spring break! So here is the first of our Italian suggestions: The Amali Coast. 30 mile stretch of coastline that look as if they belong on a postcard. Plus, many hotels and resorts will welcome you with special offers and Alitalia will take you to Naples at discounted rates!

Revolution Sweeps Italian Museums

In a radical change of policy, the Italian government has just appointed twenty new directors for museums and archaeological sites from Milan to Paestum. Among them are ten women. Seven are non-Italians, such as German art historian Eike Schmidt, who will head the Uffizi Galleries in Florence. Not everyone is thrilled at the sweep of this new cultural broom.

Don't You Just Love Italy in the Fall?

Italy is splendid in the Summer, but it is wonderful in the Fall. And with lower fares for airline and hotels, Fall in Italy may be a real deal. Many Italians and foreigners alike are avoiding the heat and crowds of the Summer and enjoy magical vacations at minimal prices.

Cilento: Home to the Mediterranean Diet

It's been that way for centuries... and now a new slow food "presidia": Casalbuono Beans

Make Your Dreams Come True with the Dream It Contest

Good news for youth between the ages of 18-25: thanks to Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, which teamed with ENIT, you can now win your dream trip to Italy in the Dream It Contest. Older than 25? Have fun voting for your favorite entry!

Tasty Tourism: Destination Parma and the Prosciutto di Parma Museum

Parma proudly boasts some of the highest quality food products renowned at both national and international level: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and various cured pork meat products such as the Culatello from Zibello, Salame from Felino, Coppa, as well as wines from the Parma hills, Porcini mushrooms from the Taro river valley, and Tomatoes.

The Langhe. What Makes this Place so Special? The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind!

The founder of Eataly talks about Alba and the Langhe, a thriving region located in the heart of Piedmont, between the sea and the Alps

Don’t Worry, Be Happy...in Italy!

The Italian National Tourist Board organized “The Importance of The Grand Tour of Italy for College Students,” which took place at the Italian Academy of the Columbia University.

Piemonte, Being More than Food & Wine

A little over a year before the official opening of the Expo 2015 in Milan (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life), the neighboring region of Piemonte is preparing to offer the international public an extraordinary number of events and tourism initiatives. Such programs have recently been introduced to American tour operators at the offices of the Italian Tourist Board

As Tourists Arrive, Roman Museums Struggle

The tourists are back, to the delight of Roman restaurateurs and hotel and shop keepers. But investments in the cultural heritage are neglected, even in Rome, and a chronic shortage of funds and personnel means that the museums are not part of the celebration. “You can’t hope for tourism and then shut down the very places that are the real worldwide attractions,” protests Adriano La Regina, president of Italy’s National Institute for Archaeology and Art History. But is tourism really the cure? Not everyone agrees.

Italy’s Fourth-Largest City and What It Has To Offer

A conversation with Mayor Piero Fassino on his visit to the U.S. to promote the old capital of the United Kingdom of Italy—today a modern and many-sided city that is still an innovation leader in Europe.

Italy’s Fourth-Largest City and What It Has To Offer

A conversation with Mayor Piero Fassino on his visit to the U.S. to promote the old capital of the United Kingdom of Italy—today a modern and many-sided city that is still an innovation leader in Europe.

In Italy's Easter Basket

Italy's Easter basket is filled with treasures, but they come with problems, and even the basket is fraying. Underlying the problems is, as this reporter has written repeatedly, the abundance of the Italian cultural heritage. Nowhere is this more visible than at Pompeii, whose years of moral and physical lapses are taken by some outsiders, perhaps erroneously, as a sad metaphor for the country itself. But there are good eggs in that basket too.

The Eternal City: 3000 Years and Not Feeling Them (Almost)

A conversation with Mayor Ignazio Marino, A member of the center-left Democratic Party, Marino held a seat in the Italian Senate from 2006 until his election as mayor of Rome in June 2013.
Torino la mia città - raccontata da Brachetti

Piero Fassino in New York: Presenting Turin

Attention New Yorkers, we present you Turin. From the city’s first citizen and its delegation, Turin and its brand new initiative for tourist events, ExpoExto, which will take place in the area in and around Turin during Expo 2015 in Milan.

Tuscany: You've All Been there Once, Come Back & See the Rest

Eugenio Magnani, director of the Italian Government Tourist Board, in the company of Hon. Natalia Quintavalle, Consul General of Italy in New York, Alberto Perruzzini, director of the Regional Agency of Tourism Toscana and James Bradburne, director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, presented Destination Tuscany 2014, a special event organized by Regione Toscana to re-introduce the beloved tourist destination and its new opportunities and novelties

Vintage Tour of Italy. Let Your Imagination Travel

Eataly New York is not only about great Italian food and products. The popular store in the Flatiron District is now hosting a “A Vintage Tour of Italy,” an exhibition of historic travel posters. Organized by ENIT, the Italian Tourist Board, the show is an opportunity to travel back in time and re-visit favorite evergreen destinations.