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    Make Your Dreams Come True with the Dream It Contest

    With the summer in full swing, the activities and events at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò are suspended until the beginning of the school year. Yet it would be unlikely for the Casa’s Director Stefano Albertini to not take every opportunity to promote Italy in the US.

    Hence the wonderful announcement of a contest where the winning entry is granted a trip to Italy! Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò teamed with ENIT, the Italian tourism board in New York and created the Dream It Contest. The main purpose of the contest is providing information about the image of Italy that US tourists and young adults have.

    The contest is addressed both to people who have already travelled or studied in Italy, as well as those who are still dreaming about it. Entries are limited to US residents between the ages of 18 and 25, but everybody can vote, so please visit the voting page here and help one of the participants’ dreams come true!

    Entering the contest is a breeze, after having answered a short questionnaire, participants are invited to submit a photo or a video with a brief description of their Italian experience or of their Italian dream. The entry that receives the most “likes” will earn a roundtrip flight to Italy in off peak season plus 6 nights at a 2/3 Star Hotel in an Italian city chosen by the winner.

    The deadline for submitting your entry and casting a vote is September 30th, 2014.

    Click here for more information and complete contest rules >>>

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    A Shining ‘Stella’ at Macy’s

    A  little over a year ago, Macy’s flagship store partnered with Patina Restaurant Group to offer an unusual space for an upscale restaurant within the 111 year-old landmark  store. The space is as stunning as it is unusual, taking up 11,500 square feet on Macy’s sixth floor.

    The first thing to strike you walking into Stella 34 is the glow of its dining room. As bright light enters through the oversized bay windows boasting views of the Empire State Building and Herald Square below, it creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

    This is further emphasized by the carefully selected colors and the playfulness of the decor, including walls filled with caricatures of food celebrities, bold turquoise vases filled with yellow flowers or lemons, and more turquoise glasses on the dining tables that echo the attire of the waitstaff. 

    An inviting bar introduces guests to the Italian tradition of the late afternoon aperitivo, serving specially priced Italian wines, beers, and cocktails accompanied by complimentary seasonal savory bites. And don’t forget the heavenly Vivoli Gelateria located at one corner of the bar: it belongs to third-generation gelato maker Silvana Vivoli from Florence, who’s  brought her famous treats outside of  their home city for the first time.

    For those on the go the take-out counter will prepare classic panini and Neapolitan-style pizzas; both meat lovers and vegetarians alike will find something satisfying on the menu.

    But if you’re looking for  a more sophisticated dining experience, get comfortable in the radiant dining room, with its open kitchen and three wood-burning ovens. Executive chef Jarett Appell, an American master of Italian cuisine, will wow even the most demanding palates. Having worked for over two years in distinguished restaurants in Rome, Naples, Parma, and Verona he has developed a deep passion for traditional Italian cuisine and food culture, based on fresh ingredients and seasonality,  and complemented with masterful creativity.

    Appell proves his best talent with such dishes as Paccheri Napoletana (large hollow tube-shaped pasta with braised beef ragu, caramelized onions, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese) and Strozzapreti con Seppia (twisted cuttlefish-ink pasta with cuttlefish in spicy pepper sauce topped with bread crumbs). But he also makes delicious pizzas. In a recent exclusive appearance on our i-ItalyNY TV show, he taught the audience how to prepare a Pizza Scafata (with peas, favas, asparagus, spring onions, smoked mozzaralla and bacon, garnished with pecorino cheese and mint).

    Stella 34 proudly proposes over 200 Italian wines to compliment the chef’s creations and has been granted the Ospitalità Italiana seal by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce—an official recognition of its high quality approach to Italian cuisine.

    No wonder that since its inception in late 2013 it has become a destination for many Italian-leaning foodies in the City, including crowds of Italian tourists who literally shout for joy when they discover this familiar oasis during their unforgettable Macy’s shopping tour — Forget hot-dogs for today, you’ve found a Stella!           

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    Goodbye Massimo...

    May 27th, 2014, marks a day of great loss for the design world as we learn of the passing of Massimo Vignelli. The acclaimed designer died earlier today in his home on the UES after a long illness. 

    Vignelli's work was firmly based within the Modernist tradition, focusing on simplicity and the use of basic geometric forms. He was an inspiration to many young graphic designers of our time and he will be dearly missed by the design world. 

    Vignelli, studied architecture in his native Milan at the Politecnico di Milano, and later on in Venice at Universita' di Architettura. In the late 50's he spent three years in America on a fellowship and seeing much wider opportunities available abroad, he returned to live in New York City back in 1966. 

    He established a new branch of Unimark International in NY, which quickly became one of the largest design firms in the world. He left the company in 1971, as it began to drift away from design and more into marketing. He then opened an extremely successful design company, Vignelli Associates together with his wife Lella, The company was renamed Vignelli Designs in 1978, and has become an icon for the design world. 

    Among his clients are American Airlines, Ford, IBM, Xerox, Gillette, Bloomingdale's, Barney's and Saks Fifth Avenue. His designs surround us in our daily lives as he is the designer of the the original sinage for the NYC subway system, as well as that of the Washington D.C. metro. His work has been exhibited all over the world and is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and museums in  Philladelphia, Israel, Canada and Germany. 

    Massimo Vignelli was a great fan of i-Italy and our projects. He was always available to listen and advise us in our adventures. We are eternally grateful for the contagious positive energy he always was full of. It was a great honor for all of us to find ourselves in his company, to watch him teach and learn from the emerging young designer talent.

    We thank him for his time and his genius. He leaves us with a timeless i-Italy logo, a beautifully designed Fiat 500, and broken hearts.

    We will miss you Massimo...

  • Fatti e Storie

    Una sera alla scoperta del tacco d'Italia

    Puglia è spesso chiamata "il Tacco d'Italia" ed è ancora oggi una delle regioni poco conosciute e che meritano di essere scoperte.

    Per fortuna, negli ultimi mesi,  tale tendenza sta cambiando, ed infatti sono numerosi i magazine turistici ed i giornali internazionali che stanno dando attenzione alla Puglia, nominandola "La nuova meraviglia nascosta d'Italia".

    La Puglia, infatti, non è solo una regione piena di paesaggi mozzafiato e di monumenti architettonici, e anche molto all'avanguardia per quel che riguarda la produzione di prodotti alimentari di natura biologica.

    Il Piccolo Fiore Ristorante, in collaborazione con la Puglia Center of America, organizzazione leader nella promozione della regione Puglia, ha pianificato una serata dove la regione sarà presentata a coloro che non la conoscono ma anche per tutti coloro che l'hanno visitata. Infatti sarà l'occasione per ricordare la regione attraverso le "papille gustative". La cena si terrà il prossimo Giovedì 5 Giugno, alle ore 19:00.

    Ospite d'onore della serata sarà la conduttrice televisiva, Ornella Fado, molto conosciuta ai newyorkesi per essere la creatrice, autrice e presentatrice del programma TV Brindiamo!™,  della città di New York (canale 25). I

    l padre di Ornella Fado nacque nella Città di Lecce, considerata da molti la Firenze del Sud Italia.

    L'evento vedrà anche la partecipazione del tenore Italiano Luciano Lamonarca, (Brand Ambassador del Ristorante Piccolo Fiore), presente  all'evento nella sua duplice funzione di cantante d'opera e Presidente della Puglia Center of America.

    E nella serata vi sarà anche l'esibizione della nota cabarettista Regina DeCicco.

    Per l'occasione lo chef Gianfranco creerà un menù di ben cinque portate, che includerà le più note ricette della Puglia, come i Fiori di Zucca con Tonno "al modo di Taranto", i Capunti Pugliesi alla Crudaiola, Orecchiette con le Cime di Rapa e l' Agnello con le Patate al forno.

    Se questo non dovesse bastare, per farvi correre nel prenotare i vostri posti per la cena, è bene sapere che il ristorante Piccolo Fiore donerà ben venti dollari dalla vendita di ciascun biglietto, all' Organizzazione Nazionale delle Donne Italo Americane  (NOIAW), organizzazione leader delle donne di tradizione italiana, che ha l'obiettivo di preservare letradizioni, lingua e cultura Italiana, promuovendo le donne di origine italiana. Il Presidente della fondazione, la Dott.ssa Maria Tamburri, presenterà la missione della fondazione.

    Il biglietto della cena ha un costo di $100 a persona, ed include un bicchiere di vino selezionato per ogni portata. Per gli ospiti che non asseggeranno il vino, il costo del biglietto sarà di soli $80 a persona. Ma ci saranno anche 10 biglietti VIP per coloro che vorranno sedere allo stesso tavolo con Ornella Fado ($200 a persona)

    Per maggiori informazioni & prenotazioni, si prega di chiamare lo (212) 922 0581 o di inviare una email a: [email protected].  E' possibile comperare il biglietto direttamente dal sito web del ristorante, semplicemente cliccando  QUI >>>

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    An Evening in Puglia - Discovering Italy's Heel

    Puglia, (Apulia in English) labeled "The Heel of Italy" is one of the counties less known and quite undiscovered region. In the last few months the region is getting attention fromt well known travel magazines and worldwide newspapers naming it "The New Hidden Wonder of Italy." Puglia is not only a region filed with breathtaking  landscapes and architectural monuments, but is also one of the most advanced regions in terms of food production and organic farming.

    Piccolo Fiore Ristorante in partnership with the Puglia Center of America, a premiere organization that promotes Puglia in all its aspects, especially in the creation and exchanges of cultural, tourist, and educational assets between Puglia and the United States of America has planned an evening (June 5th 7-9 PM) in Puglia event  to introduce the region to those who have not yet discovered it, as well as to let those who have visited the area reminisce taking them back there through their tastebuds. 

    The Guest of Honor during the evening will be the Television Personality Ornella Fado, known to New Yorkers as the creator, author, and TV hostess of Brindiamo!™, the weekly half hour television program on NYCTV channel 25. Fado's  father was born in the City of Lecce, which by many is considered the Florence of the South of Italy. 

    The event will also feature a performance by the Acclaimed Italian Tenor Luciano Lamonarca, (Piccolo Fiore’s Brand Ambassador), who is not only an Operatic Tenor (performing during the evening) but also President of the Puglia Center of America. Scheduled to lighten up the evening is a performance by the swiftly rising stand-up comedian Regina DeCicco.

    A five course, Puglia-inspired tasting menu has been created  for the occasion by chef Gianfranco, and it included signature Puglia dishes and recipes, such as Fiore di Zucca con tonno "al modo di Taranto", Capunti pugliesi alla Crudaiola, Orecchiette con le Cime di Rapa and Agnello al Forno con Patate.

    If this is not enough to make you rush to book the tickets for the evening (June 5th at 7 PM) let it be known that Piccolo Fiore Ristorante will be donating twenty dollars from the sales of each ticket to the National Organization of Italian American Women, the premier organization for women of Italian heritage committed to preserving Italian heritage, language and culture by promoting and supporting the advancement of women of Italian ancestry, and whose mission will be introduced during the dinner by the Foundation's President, Mrs. Maria Tamburri.

    The 5 course tasting dinner is $100 per person and is coupled with a wine pairing for each course (tax and gratuity included). For guests choosing not to participate in the wine tasting, the dinner only option will cost $80 per person (tax and gratuity included). There will be also 10 premiere seats for those selected guests that would like to seat at the same table with Ornella Fado at $200 per person (wine pairing, tax and gratuity included).

    For information & reservation for the June 5th event (7-9 Pm), please call (212) 922 0581 or email: [email protected].
    You can also buy tickets directly on the restaurant website by clicking HERE >>> 

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    Freedom Fighters, the Kennedys and the Struggle for Civil Rights

    The exhibit titled "Freedom Fighters, the Kennedys and the Struggle for Civil Rights" is making its way North and arrives in Turin on May 17th, 2014. Organized and hosted by Fondazione Roselli, it will remain on view for the public at the Fondazione headquarters located in Corso Giulio Cesare 4bis/B, from the 19th to the 30th of May.

    The eighty photograph collection, curated by Alessandra Mauro e Sara Antonelli for la Fondazione Forma per la fotografia is to highlight the actions of the Kennedy brothers in their struggle for a better, just, and solid society.

    Under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, the initiative is being organized in partnership with the Robert Kennedy Foundation of Europe, established in 2005 with the intent to promote throughout Europe the projects of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, one of the landmarks in the world for the protection and education in the field of human rights.

    The exhibition opening is scheduled for 6 PM on Saturday, May 17th. During the opening, the President of the Foundation, Riccardo Viale Rosselli will be joined by Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert Kennedy and Honorary President of the RK Foundation of Europe.

    Kerry Kennedy stated in the exhibition press release: "I have the honor to welcome you to an exhibition dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the approval of the American Civil Rights Act…Someone looking at these pictures today, might wonder why, almost fifty years after their death, our reaction to seeing images of these men is so strong. I think these images touch us today for the same reason why the crowds responded positively to these leaders five decades ago. Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. were welcomed with great enthusiasm around the world, not because their politics were radically different (although they were) and not because they had a new method of dealing with problems of the world. The reason was that in their life, both public and private, they all were able to touch upon the courage and the spirit of compassion that is nestled deep in the heart of each of us."

    The exhibit is divided into two sections: the first dedicated to a chronological reconstruction of events and characters that have distinguished the battles for civil rights between 1776 and 1964. The second part is devoted to symbolic moments of those same battles, and it includes the images of masters of photography such as Elliot Erwitt, Eve Arnold, Bruce Davidson, and Danny Lyon who portray the protagonists: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers.

    "The show at the Kennedy Center - stated Riccardo Viale - highlights a crucial chapter in the development of Western democracy: the battle over civil rights. Looking at the pictures of the exhibition, our thoughts drift toward the noble and democratic history of the United States of America, through the Kennedy brothers, joining all from Roosevelt to Obama and those whom always believed that the strengthening of liberal democracy passes through the fight against poverty and social exclusion."

    The sponsors of this wonderful exhibit are the city of Turin, together with the Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT and Lavazza. The mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino notes: "50 years after the civil wars of that great nation, are framed in the beautiful images of this exhibition, they are a warning, which reminds us that the construction of a more just, more equitable, more unified society must be an integral part of our daily work." If you find yourself in Tourin between the 19th and 30th of May, this is certainly an exhibit worth seeing.

    If you cannot make it share it with your Italian friends, as this is another opportunity for constructing a bridge between America and Italy, and more importantly, between italian and American culture. For more information click here >>>>>

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    NIAF's Spring Gala 2014 ~ A New Generation

    Once again Cipriani 42 became completely Italian, as over five hundred guests filled it to the brim on the evening of the 3rd of April for the Annual Spring Gala of the National Italian American Foundation’s (NIAF).

    For the third year during the Spring Gala, the organization took the opportunity to recognize members of the Italian American community who have particularly distinguished themselves in their respective professional fields as well as for their voluntary work contributions to the community.

    NIAF’s Chairman Joseph V. Del Raso, Esq., welcomed the honorees and guests to the Foundation’s annual dinner. He proudly spoke about the NIAF Ernest L. Pellegri grant in the amount of half a million dollars, which was awarded to the University of Maryland for the completion of their project: "Between Washington and Ancient Rome: The NIAF Pellegri Program on Roman Antiquity and its Legacy in America," a program which offers opportunities for students to conduct research, pursue fellowships that support the study of Latin and ancient Roman archeology and civilization.

    The award certainly goes along with the mission of the foundation which aims to promote Italian American culture and heritage, and serves as a resource on the Italian American community through the offering of educational and youth programs including scholarships, grants, heritage travel, and mentoring.

    “We need to thank NIAF for a lot of things, and as a scholar of Italian American Studies, as a sort of cultural broker I must say that NIAF supported numerous cultural activities, and as we say in Italian con tanto di cappello (our hats are off to them),” stated Anthony Julian Tamburri, the Dean the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College.

    The gala’s mistress of ceremonies, Alexis Christoforous, CBS news correspondent addressed the guests and proudly spoke of her (half!) Italian heritage before kicking off the awards ceremony.

    Carmine Di Sibio, global managing partner—Client Services at EY, received NIAF’s Special Achievement Award in Financial Services, recognizing him for the 28-year career in the industry.

    Joseph Brancato, managing partner at Gensler, received NIAF’s Special Achievement Award in Real Estate and Design for his continued struggle to improve people’s lives by partnering with clients to make cities more livable, more efficient, and more engaging.

    NIAF’s Special Achievement Award in Military Service went to Lt. Gen. USMC (ret.) Frank Libutti, CEO and president of PS&S Global LLC, the environmental remediation and alternative and renewable energy firm. Libutti dedicated 35 years of his life to a career in the military.

    For her authentic cooking style and passion Chef Mary Ann Esposito received NIAF’s Special Achievement Award in Culinary Arts. Her hit culinary TV program Ciao Italia is one of America’s longest running cooking programs and for years it has brought a positive image of Italians to the rest of the world.

    “I’m very passionate about what I do, and for twenty-five years I’ve been doing that on television, trying to educate a national audience about what real Italian food is all about, there is no such thing as Italian food there is only REGIONAL FOOD, and that has been the mission of CIAO Italia,” stated Chef Esposito.

    NIAF’s President and Chief Operating Officer John M. Viola spoke about the energy and passion in the room. He was very pleased with the growing numbers of young members of the foundation.

    In an interview with i-italy he stated: “The young people are very well represented, we have done a concentrated job of trying to get out and bring Italian Americans and young Italians into the organization, we’ve created a student membership for those that are in University and graduate Schools, and those number have gone really up, we have an ever-younger foundation here and people are excited about what we are doing.”

    “We hope that the young people come here because it gives them an opportunity to first and foremost celebrate their heritage, celebrate their culture but after that it gives the opportunity to be around successful Italians and Italian Americans. And frankly gives us the opportunity to help one another, as we all should be able to look to the elders in our community for mentorship, for guidance, for opportunities, for career growth, and if we bring people to the same organization that opportunity is there. So we want to be Italians passing expertise and knowledge to other Italians,” continued Viola with pride.

    An honorary guest of the Spring Gala, Italy’s Consul General in New York, Natalia Quintavalle appreciated the foundations new initiative of encouraging young members of the Italian American community to join the organization, as she stated: “I think is a new approach to a very old tradition such as NIAF, which is the oldest organization of the Italian Americans together with the Order Sons of Italy.”

    NIAF’s Chairman Joseph V. Del Raso, expressed his thoughts on the subject as well: “We are absolutely thrilled with the transition of leadership at the foundation. We are very focused on the new generation taking over and we believe in actions not words. You just can’t say that we want to invest in a new generation, there is a need for making a move, so when the board elected John Viola as President and made him a member of the board at the age of thirty, I think we sent a strong message that we really do believe that its time for the new generation to take the leadership and this I think is the real recipe for success in the future.”

    The wonderful evening could not be complete without the famous Bellini cocktails offered to the guests prior to the exquisite dining on Italian specialties, which included fresh Burrata with marinated pear tomatoes and micro basil.

    The magical ambience of the legendary Italian Renaissance-inspired dining space and musical guests: singer, songwriter and world champion whistler Michael Barimo who sang the U.S. national anthem and “Inno di Mameli,” Italy’s national anthem before the reception as well as Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses, an eight-piece brass-infused swing band which performed toward the end of the festivities certainly made the evening an unforgettable experience.

    The NIAF New York Gala proceeds support the Foundation’s philanthropic and educational programs. This year’s Spring Gala presenting sponsor was EY (Ernst & Young LLP).

    Find more photos on our Facebook page

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    Addio Cara Libreria. A New Chapter for Rizzoli

    Huge discounts on the wonderful collection of books (in Italian, French, Spanish, and English), including the large illustrated books on fashion, interior design, art, architecture, photography, and design may not be enough to sweeten the bitterness of the harsh reality the iconic New York City bookstore is facing. Rizzoli bookstore is having to move out of the building they called home for the last thirty years.

    It's official. The building at 31 West Fifty-seventh Street that houses Rizzoli’s flagship store will be demolished, along with the two neighboring structures, making way for a new high tower. Friday, April 11th, 2014 will be the last day in this chapter of life of the cherished New York City bookstore. But only at this location. The store is not closing. It is just forced to find a new location, which is a difficult task for two reasons.

    First, future prospects for bookstores do not seem very good, with many renown and high-end bookstores closing in the past few years in the city. Secondly, it will be hard to top its current location's gracefulness. Since 1985 the bookstore was housed in a six story townhouse boasting a classical façade and opening into an elegant interior with cast iron chandeliers, ornate dealings, and a Diocletian window providing the unique ambience beloved by Manhattan's book lovers.

    Despite the petitions and a rally held by the Save Rizzoli Committee, the decision of the NY Landmarks Conservancy remains unchanged. The buildings in question have not been declared landmarks, and their future is a whole lot worse that that of the bookstore as they will be demolished giving space to modern, tower style residential buildings.

    “The landmarks process requires reform; we must avoid more Rizzoli-like ambushes on our history. We are here today to ask that the LPC immediately study those remaining buildings on West 57th Street to identify and landmark those that represent the best of their eras, and I will introduce legislation which will require the LPC to follow transparent and consistent time frames in responding to future designation requests. I ask that building owners and managers consider the special needs of bookstores and other small cultural businesses when they are designing and leasing space. Without a lively street-scape and diversity within our commercial districts, we will lose what makes Manhattan Manhattan–that which draws people to live here, work here, shop here, and the millions who come to visit here. With greater transparency and consistent time frames, both preservation and building ownership can benefit,” stated Gale Brewer, the Manhattan Borough President during the rally held last week in front of the bookstore.

    Simeon Bankoff, an Executive Director of the Historic Districts Council said: “New York City’s history belongs to everyone and we are in the process of losing it. The Rizzoli Building is not a hidden gem–it was a known quantity which the City never acted on to protect, despite community requests. The Landmarks Preservation Commission and the de Blasio administration must take a strong stand to protect New York City’s existing history as we move forward in building a New York City open to all.”

    On the website, the Rizzoli bookstore family expressed their gratitude to the public for their support during this difficult time, assuring at their customers that they are actively scouting out new locations in Manhattan and that they have come across few promising spaces. In the mean time they invite everyone to stop in during this last week at this location and pick up some books at the moving sale, offering their inventory (both in-store and on-line) at 40% off.

    The offer, while being quite a sweet deal, is not sweet enough to neutralize the bitterness of a piece of history coming to an end…

    We will miss you Rizzoli on 57th….
    We hope you find and equally wonderful location for the many years ahead….

  • I Vantaggi del Bilinguismo: Come Creare una Sezione Bilingue Nella Vostra Scuola Pubblica

    Il Consolato Generale di NY, in collaborazione con lo IACE (Italian-American Committee on Education), la Scuola d'Italia "G. Marconi" e molte altre istituzioni, e' impegnato a promuovere e diffondere la conoscenza della lingua italiana con iniziative di vario genere anche nelle scuole pubbliche americane.

    In quest'ottica, questo Consolato Generale ha deciso di intraprendere una nuova iniziativa volta alla creazione di sezioni bilingue inglese-italiano nelle scuole pubbliche di NY nell'ambito del "DUAL PROGRAM" attivato dalla municipalita'. Per questo motivo viene organizzato un incontro informativo con alcuni esperti di bilinguismo e con il responsabile educazione dell'Ambasciata francese, Fabrice Jaumont, che ha gia' avviato questo importante percorso in piu' scuole newyorkesi.

    Insieme si puo' comprendere i vantaggi del bilinguismo, ma soprattutto l'iter burocratico ed organizzativo da attivare per pervenire alla creazione di classi bilingue nelle scuole pubbliche, a partire dal segmento kindergarten.

    Il successo di questa iniziativa passa attraverso il coinvolgimento e l'interesse della comunita' italiana ed italo-americana senza la quale e' molto difficile intraprendere questo nuovo ed importante passo.

    Se questo progetto si concretizzera', le famiglie di origine italiana potranno continuare a mantenere le proprie radici linguistiche e culturali nell'ambito del sistema educativo americano, offrendo una possibilita' in piu' ai propri figli.

    Vi aspettiamo il 3 aprile alle ore 18.00 presso il Consolato Generale d'Italia, 690 Park Avenue, New York per partecipare all'Incontro "I vantaggi del bilinguismo: come creare una sezione bilingue nella vostra scuola pubblica".


    Bahar Octu-Grillman, Ed.D. Mercy College Assistant Professor TESOL/Bilingual Education Fabrice Jaumont, Education Attache', Embassy of France

    Carlo Davoli Education Office Director, Consulate General of Italy, NY

    Maria Kot Community liaison with Metropolitan Russian American Parents Association.

    Anna Cano-Amato, Principal at PS 110, Brooklyn

    Robin Sundick, Prinicipal at PS 84, Upper West Side,

    NY Parents involved in the creation of Dual language programs in PS in New York.

    Q & A session


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    The Advantages of Bilingualism: Creating Together an Italian Dual Language Program in your Local Public School

    The Italian Consulate General in New York, in collaboration with IACE (Italian - American Committee on Education), La Scuola d’ Italia "G. Marconi" and many other institutions, is committed to promote and spread the knowledge of the Italian language with various initiatives not only within the Italo-American community,but also in American public schools.

    In this context, the Consulate General has decided to undertake a new initiative aimed at creating English - Italian bilingual sections in the public schools of New York under the "DUAL PROGRAM" activated by the City for this reason, and has decided to organize an informational meeting with experts on bilingualism and Mr. Fabice Jaumont, the head of the Education Department at the French Embassy, which has already started this journey in the most important schools in New York.

    The plan is to be able to understand the benefits of bilingualism, but above all the bureaucratic and organizational path to activate in order to achieve the creation of bilingual classes in public schools, beginning with kindergarten, together.

    The success of this initiative requires the involvement and interest of the Italian and Italian- American community, without which it would be very difficult to undertake this new and important step.

    Once the projectis finished, the families of Italian origin, can continue to maintain their cultural and linguistic roots in the framework of the American educational system, which would then be offering their children an extra chance.

    Please join the efforts of the Italian institutions and and the Italian and Italian-American communities and come for the meeting "The advantages of Bilingualism: Creating together an Italian Dual Language Program in your local Public School," to be held on April 3 at 6:00 pm at the Consulate General of Italy, 690 Park Avenue, New York. 

    Speakers include:

    Bahar Octu-Grillman, Ed.D. Mercy College Assistant Professor TESOL/Bilingual Education Fabice Jaumont, Education Attache', Embassy of France

    Carlo Davoli Education Office Director, Consulate General of Italy, NY

    Maria Kot Community liaison with Metropolitan Russian American Parents Association

    Anna Cano-Amato, Principal at PS 110, Brooklyn

    Robin Sundick, Prinicipal at PS 84, Upper West Side

    NY Parents involved in the creation of Dual language programs in PS in New York.

    Q & A session to follow