Espresso as Art at Zibetto Bar!

Tommaso Cartia (March 02, 2018)
With its four locations and a future plan of expanding throughout the city, Zibetto is the answer to all espresso lovers in New York City.

Espresso—one of the things Italians miss the most when they are abroad. It is something about the blend, the grinder, the machine, and the artisanal hand of the barista that makes it a unique treat in the world. In New York, true Italian espresso is really hard to find it’s also very hard to find what Italians commonly call a “bar,” which isn’t a typical place for drinks like here in the US— or at least it is, but to drink coffee! Espresso and a brioche is the standard Italian breakfast, the perfect boost for the day.

New Yorkers got accustomed to this ritual thanks to Zibetto Espresso Bar, one of the very few spots in the city where you can have a “real” espresso or a “true” cappuccino and many different types of fresh brioches and pastries, plus tasty panini for lunch —all of it strictly Italian style of course.

Zibetto is a small place, tiny but rich in flavor, and it is intended to be like that, a friendly and familiar bar “sotto casa.” General Manager Mikail Olsson is so very proud of Zibetto’s signature coffee: “We take great pride in making the perfect Italian espresso,” he says. “You can hardly find the same flavor and the same roasting here in the US. These beans come from from Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia, and it is our own brand –the ‘Zibetto’ press. It tastes like the coffee from Southern Italy!”

The machine to make coffee is of course very important, and they work with an Italian machine, La Cimballi, which is commonly found in Italian bars. With its four locations between uptown and midtown and a future plan of expanding throughout the city, Zibetto is the answer to all of the espresso lovers in New York. 


Zibetto Espresso Bar

cuisine Traditional/Coffee

ambience Friendly

price $$

1385 6th Avenue Ph. (646) 707-0505 501

5th Avenue Ph. (646) 383-6364 1221

6th Avenue Ph. (212) 332-2648

1 Park Avenue Ph. (929) 431-3787