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  • "Add sliced fruit, veggies or herbs for do-it-yourself natural thirst quencher"
    Art & Culture
    Francine Segan(December 21, 2016)
    The Galvanina Springs near the town of Rimini, in the Emilia-Romagna region, is one of Italy’s oldest springs. Its healthful mineral water has been renowned since ancient Roman times.
  • Facts & Stories
    Francine Segan(February 03, 2016)
    Acclaimed New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov writes three columns—The Pour, Wines of the Times and Wine School—in which he explores a specific type of wine each month. Part memoir and part manifesto, his latest book How to Love Wine tells the story of how he went from writing beer reviews for his high school newspaper to becoming America’s most trusted wine critic.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Francine Segan(January 28, 2016)
    Recently I sat down with celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich for a long conversation that was produced and broadcast by i-ItalyTV. We talked about Lidia’s new book Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine; as well as what it’s like being a TV chef, the genesis of the Eataly concept, cooking for several Popes, including most recently Pope Francis, and, most importantly, how cooking is, and has always been for Lidia, “a family affair.”
  • Art & Culture
    Francine Segan(January 08, 2016)
    James Oseland is the author of several cookbooks and former editor-in-chief of award-winning Saveur food magazine. He recently left Saveur to work on Rodale’s Organic Life, a new magazine about global food, wellness, gardening and interior design launched this past spring. Here he shares his passion for Italy and Italian food
  • Columbia University Film Studies Professor Richard Pena directed the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center for over two decades. He is known for the successful Italian film series at Lincoln Center entitled “Open Roads: New Italian Cinema.” In this interview, Pena talks about his love of Italy and Italian cinema.
  • Francine and F. M. Abrahm
    AS SEEN ON i-ITALYTV: Francine Segan interviews F. Murray Abraham
    Born to a Syrian-Italian immigrant family in Pittsburg, PA, he was best known for playing alongside Al Pacino in Serpico and Scarface, before winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as composer Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. Here he talks with us about his love for a country where he “never feels uncomfortable or unsafe.”
  • Pulitzer Prize- and Oscar-winning John Patrick Shanley is best known for his riveting Broadway play Doubt, which he has since rewritten as a screen-play and a movie, as well as his Hollywood hit Moonstruck, which won three Academy Awards. He is also a theater and film director. And above all, he loves Italy and Italian America.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Francine Segan(October 01, 2014)
    Espresso culture in Italy has deep roots. Coffee first appeared in Europe at the port of Livorno, Tuscany, a city that was also home to Europe’s first coffee bar in the early 1600s.