New York’s Best Pasta at The James Beard House

Lily Adami Collins (July 03, 2019)
The “Primo di New York” award - organized by renowned pasta factory from Campania, di Martino - goes to chef Riccardo Orfino from Osteria57.


An evening in the historical James Beard House dedicated to awarding the best pasta dish in New York.

It happened on June 27th, during the fourth edition of the “Primo di New York” award organized by Di Martino Pastificio thanks to the consolidated relationship with the James Beard Foundation. 

The charming Greenwich Village venue wanted and constructed by James Beard, a star of American cuisine who educated generations of chefs and food lovers on the importance of food quality, welcomed a respectable international jury for the occasion.

Amongst them Giuseppe di Martino, the Founder of Pasta di Martino and President of the Gragnano Consortium; food writer Faith Willinger; Izabella Wojcik, the Director of Programming at the James Beard House; food influencer Jeremy Jacobowitz of the instagram page brunchboys; cookbook author and journalist, Katie Parla; food blogger Ali Rosen of Potluck; and Pavia Rosati, the founder of FathomAway. 

A performance took place, featuring the preparation of signature pasta dishes by the following New York-based chefs: Sal Lamboglia of Bar Primi, Nick Gaube of Quality Italian, Adrian Kercuku of Felice, Lanfranco Paliotti of Evelina, Riccardo Orfino od Osteria57, Mario di Biase of Sottovoce, Scott Tacinelli and Angie Rito of Don Angie, Angelo Popolare of ACQUA, Gaetano Arnore of Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, and Fabrizio Facchini of Memoria.  

The winner received $5,000 and a trip to Gragnano in Campania, known as the “City of Pasta.” A great opportunity to learn about the history of the art of pasta and to take part in “Le Strade della Mozzarella,” an annual conference celebrating Italian excellencies in food.  

And this year the award went to a very special, completely vegan and dairy-free dish: 

Bucatini with cashew-kombu “cream”, Mediterranean pesto, Sorrento lemon, and pangrattato (breadcrumbs) made by chef Riccardo Orfino of Osteria57, a new entry in the New York restaurant scene, with a highly motivated team made up of three professionals focusing on quality and Italian tradition: Emanuele Nigro, chef Riccardo Orfino, and Alessio Morosin. 

The inspiration for this dish - the chef explains - comes from the need to “create a vegan alternative to a pasta dish from our menu.” The kombu broth adds umami flavor to the cashew “cream.” The pesto, made with dried tomato, fresh herbs, Pantelleria capers, and Sorrento lemons is a direct flight to Southern Italy. “Pangrattato” was used instead of parmigiano reggiano in those that once were “poor” dishes and are now the foundations of Mediterranean cuisine.

The intimate dinner served to the guests of the award ceremony was prepared by the winner of last year’s edition and included the winning dish: Fusilli Lunghi col Buco with Sicilian pistachio, Calabrian hot peppers, and pecorino romano. A true delight for the palate, created by chef Garrison Price of Il Buco restaurant

Afterwards, Giuseppe di Martino (the company that bears his name is known not only for their excellent pasta but also for its recent partnership with Dolce & Gabbana) gave a speech confirming the highly anticipated opening of a huge new pasta bar in Chelsea. It will be coming to New York in the Fall and will serve 25 pasta recipes each day, using 126 types of pasta. And we can’t wait!


RECIPE of Bucatini with cashew-kombu “cream”, Mediterranean pesto, Sorrento lemon, and pangrattato

by chef Riccardo Orfino from Osteria57.

Ingredients (in US measurements) 

Kombu broth: 2qt water 1oz kombu

Cashew-kombu “cream”: 2qt kombu broth 1qt raw cashew 1teaspoon salt 1Tablespoon Sorrento lemon juice 

Mediterranean pesto: 1/2qt sundries tomatoes 1oz parsley 1oz basil 1oz Pantelleria capers 0.5oz fresh origano 0.5oz wild fennel 1qt EVO oil Salt 

Breadcrumbs: 1/2qt panko Olive oil Salt Sorrento lemon zest 

Decoration: Spring onion Fresh basil/ mint / wild fennel fronds 


KOMBU BROTH Soak the kombu 3hr in cold water Bring 2qt of filter water to 140 Fahrenheit for 30min . Remove the seaweed CASHEW-COMBU CREAM Soack the cashew in warm kombu broth for 3 hour and strain Add cashew and new kombu broth to the blender and blend until smooth Add salt and Sorrento lemon juice MEDITERRANEAN PESTO Place sundries tomatoes in a bowl and cover with warm water for 5 min until tender Chopped every herbs separate , the sun dried tomatoes and the capers . Mix everything in a mixing bow and add EVO and salt BREADCRUMBS Sautee the breadcrumbs with olive oil , salt and Sorrento lemon zest until the bread is crunchy 





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