Manzo: The Reopening of the Eataly Restaurant

Joelle Grosso (March 28, 2017)
Manzo, the Eataly NYC Flatiron restaurant, is about to open its doors after a major renovation that creates a more casual butcher-focused location with a producer-centric menu.

At the press preview of Manzo, some of the most influential Italians and Italian Americans came out to celebrate the new and improved restaurant that will reopen on March 31st after four weeks of being closed. According to Eataly’s website, Manzo will now be “a true butcher’s restaurant, complete with a redesigned menu celebrating all things meat, a different layout, and an edgy new cocktail menu with a focus on Vermouth.” 

The Marketing of Truth

Nicola Farinetti, the CEO of Eataly, spoke about all the changes that were made from the innovative menu itself to the gorgeous interior design. He comments, “it’s this beautiful curse for people that do our job, you have to always be new so we took this occasion to connect our restaurants even closer to our butcher.” Farinetti says meat is the main focus of the renovated location but more importantly, he wants his customers to have a better understanding of the quality of the food they eat and a deeper connection with the products they purchase. He is firm and determined when he tells i-Italy that the goal of his company is “to keep pursuing the marketing of the truth.” In other words, you get to see firsthand how meat travels from the butcher to the kitchen so there’s absolutely no question about what you are putting into your body at Manzo.

Special Guests Explain the Concept Behind Manzo

The Italian-born American celebrity chef and television host, Lidia Bastianich, was excited for the restoration. She said, “we’ve been here for six years and Manzo has been doing great as a restaurant but we actually needed more space so we enlarged it a little bit and we really accented the meat element which people love.” She hopes this renovation shows customers that Eataly is there for them and is always willing to make the changes they desire. 

Joe Bastianich, the son of Lidia who also happens to be a restaurateur, spoke about the connection between Manzo and Eataly. As with Eataly, there is a retail aspect at Manzo where you can buy high quality products and cook them at home or you can choose to eat the restaurant instead. At the new Manzo, Bastianich says there are, “new items, new cooking techniques, rotisserie, grill, more things in the open where people can see the food being prepared, it’s more accessible, interactive, and easy going.”

Popular Italian American chef, Mario Batali, talked about how Manzo transformed from a formal environment to something that’s more youthful and vibrant. The new specialities include Torino Vermouth cocktails, an entirely different menu placed at a lower price, and a giant showroom of meat where butchers show the public the specific cuts they can eat at Manzo. He added, “Eataly has always been about the interaction between the staff and the customer, the more intelligent our customers become, the better we all are because they demand more from us and give us more interaction and more juice to play with. We’re investing in our customers in a very different way.”

Manzo will officially open on March 31st in the heart of New York for those who want to experience this new way of smart dining. More information can be found at: >>>