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    Paola Aurisicchio(June 03, 2016)
    The concept of the trattoria fuels famed restaurateur Joe Bastianich’s new restaurant, which recently opened a stone’s throw from the Meatpacking District in Chelsea. In this elegant and cozy locale, Bastianich—now a TV icon in Italy for his participation as a judge on the cooking show ‘Master Chef Italia’—is teaching Americans how to “share” food, thanks to another Italian dining import: the bis of pastas.
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    Iwona Adamczyk(November 22, 2012)
    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaims the month of November as "I love Umbria Month." Eataly’s Scuola Grande announces four weeks of events to take place all over the city.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Marina Melchionda(August 30, 2010)
    The countdown is over. A 70,000 sqf fully Italian food & wine shopping mall, Eataly is ready to welcome thousands of New Yorkers at 200 Fifth Avenue. Lidia Bastianich, co-founder of the project, shares with us her feeling and emotions. "I want to make of Eataly a forum where people have the opportunity to learn more about Italian tradition, and can get more conscious and aware about the products that they buy ... Think about it: everybody admires and appreciates the Italian habit to sit around the table with our family and enjoy a good meal. It is part of our daily life, it is a must to which we should not renounce. It helps keeping our families together, and I think that Americans should learn a lot from this tradition."