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  • Umbria Jazz 2017 – Raffaele Casarano, Gaetano Curreri, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Gino Paoli, Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke
    Non poteva che essere affidata alle note virtuose e delicate di Danilo Rea l’apertura del concerto di omaggio a Luigi Tenco sul palco di Umbria Jazz. Un lungo viaggio, con un alternarsi di voci con timbri e grane a volte pastosi, intensi, struggenti, per lasciare spazio a quelli più pop, ma sempre contraddistinti da un unico legame, solo apparentemente distante, tra il jazz e la musica d’autore.
  • At historic Amelia in Umbria, the Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) held its 8th annual international conference June 23-25. One focus this year was the endangered archeological and art heritage in the war-torn Middle East.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    EATALY MAGAZINE(February 16, 2017)
    Carnevale is a period of wild celebration and feasting that culminates on Martedi Grasso (Fat Tuesday), the day before the fasting period of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Enter: these decadent fritters.
  • Last week I received a last-minute invitation from Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and "The Committee for Frate Francesco” to attend the grand opening of the historic “Frate Francesco: Friar Francis: Traces, Words, Images “exhibition on Tuesday, December 12th. The impressive four-page e-mail attachment declared it was “a non-transferrable, attendance strictly limited invitation” to which I promptly replied, explaining to my wife that I had to go it alone. However, when I got to Brooklyn Borough Hall early, as I usually am, I discovered that I was inexplicably “not on the list.” Having a lot of prior experience not being a V.I.P., I was not the least surprised; but grateful that I was able to convince a somewhat befuddled staff member that “there must have been a mistake” which wasn’t mine.”
  • Bergoglio’s courage to call himself Francis emphasized the need for the Church to change course immediately. That is, to take the word of God to the streets of the world.
  • What makes Friar Francis so Italian is that he is the author of the first poem in the Italian language: The Canticle of Creatures. And for a nation that for about six centuries was only unified by its literature, beingthe founder of its poetic tradition is quite a big deal.