The (YE)X Factor

Giulia Madron (April 30, 2014)
April 29, 2014. A lovely evening at "Zio Ristorante" organized by The Young Executives Committee of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce (YEX) and the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

Fun, original, lively and of course…. Italian. These adjectives perfectly describe the “Aperitivo Italiano” event organized by the Young Executives Committee of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of Italy, and hosted by “Zio Ristorante” in New York.

The initiative was aimed in particular at all the young professional Italians who live in the Big Apple.

The perfect occasion to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and enjoy an Italian aperitivo consisting of delicious food, crisp drinks and also….playful atmosphere. Yes, because the YEX and the Italian Consulate of New York came up with quite an original entertainment for the evening.

They organized a quiz game whose objective was to make young Italians aware of the services offered by the Consulate General of Italy in New York.

As we all know (well... maybe not everyone yesterday, but definitely today we do!) and as was well explained by Lucia Pasqualini, Deputy Consul General, the AIRE is the official registry of Italian citizens residing abroad.

Italians who have lived in a foreign country for more that 12 months, should register in order to take advantage of services offered by the Italian consulate, such as, voting abroad or the issuing/renewal of a passport.

Many of the guests who attended the “Aperitivo Italiano” event took the quiz and answered the questions asked.

However, out of all the quiz participants, only two people  apperently knew all there is to know about AIRE…and the irony is that they are not even registered yet! 

Massimiliano Fidanza and Giulia Madron (yes... the author of this article!), were both awarded a  dinner at “Zio Ristorante” as a prize for the winners of the quiz. 

The evening turned out to be very successful as people enjoyed themeselves and all seemed to have lots of fun.

This is only one of the many initiatives organized by the Young Executives Committee of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce.

The YEX organization focuses on networking as well as business development opportunities for Young Professionals in the New York City area. Its members are all emerging leaders in all types of businesses and its activities include not only social events but also interesting educational seminars and charity events.

The board of the YEX includes some very talented young professionals from different backgrounds and whose efforts make the development of this organization possible, while also receiving very positive community feedback throughout the years of its activity.

Becoming a member of the YEX is a simple process. Membership is open to all young professionals , and joining is completely free of charge.

We are proud to bring you a personal insight of what YEX is, does and stands for, and we encourage all to check out their activity as well as read more about AIRE.
Cheers and hoping to see more of you at future events!

For more information about membership and activities of YEX  send an e-mail to: [email protected] or visit their Facebook page: