Negramaro Band – Italian Rock With “Southern-Taste”

Francesco Foderà (June 21, 2017)
Today we start a journey into Italian music, introducing the best of my 15 years spent on meeting and interviewing the best Italian singers of today and the past. I invite you to play the following videos and read the article to enter the heart of Italian vibes. This is “Francesco Foderà’s ItalianSound”.

Rock made in the south of Italy is completely Italian, completely energetic. I met the band Negramaro several times during their concerts around Italy and official events on various TV stations. Negramaro is an Italian pop rock band formed by Giuliano Sangiorgi, Emanuele Spedicato, Ermanno Carlà, Danilo Tasco and Andrea Mariano. The name Negramaro itself celebrates Salento, the place of their origin, adopting it from a typical wine produced locally.

Danilo Tasco: “We thought that chosing the name of this wine for our band was the best way of showing where we came from. We are a rock band and rock is not really the kind of music that people listens to in our homeland. We hare passionate people as every souther Italian is and we carry this mood into our music and in the way we perform live”.

Negramaro did a lot of important collaborations… they performed with Dolores o’ Riordan from The Cramberries, recording “Senza fiato”, “Cemento armato” movies soundtrack. Famous italian singer Jovanotti, sang with Negramaro the hit “Cade la Pioggia” and shot the video in San Francisco...

Giuliano Sangiorgi: “Our collaboration are spontaneous… we have many friends in the music industry and usually we start something new not for because of a marketing strategy but because of a common idea”

Italians sing Negramaro’s hits since 2001, but the band did several interesting and successful covers in the past years just like Meraviglioso by Domenico Modugno... Take a listen here.

Andrea Mariano: “We chose the songs according to what we used to listen to when we were kids… it’s indelible memories from our family lives. We like performing songs from other artists as it’s a nice experience to go over the comfort zone and to have a new challenge”.
Negramaro performs in stadiums, music festivals suche as the 1st of May one, Arezzo Wave or Hard Rock Live in Rome…

Emanuele Spedicato: “We enjoy being in a band as we are friends and respectful people first. Before every live performance we energize ourselves and motivate each other in order to be capable of living our experience at its best”.

Click here to see "L'immenso" LIVE @ San Siro Stadium





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