The Italian Way to Say 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' in Music

Francesco Foderà (May 09, 2020)
In Italy, we have heard “Andrà tutto bene" (Everything's Gonna Be Alright) by Nesli radiating from our balconies a thousand times. It has become a mantra said (and sung) to say that together we can beat the virus and turn our “new-normality” into a “real-normal-average-forgotten life.”

“Andrà tutto bene” by Nesli was released in 2014 with another meaning; but, the lyrics of the refrain just so happen to fit this very situation we are living today:

If I tell you that everything will be fine
If I say "don't worry"
That in the end we will come out together
Even at the cost of having to fight
If I say "watch the sunset over there"
After all, the moment will pass
It's because I feel it, it's because I feel it, it's because I feel it

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In order to fight the fear brought on by the virus, the “Andrà tutto bene mantra” became viral, transforming itself into hand-painted billboards by kids (also found in Spain) and even used by an Italian-Canadian teacher for educational activities

Other artists have contributed to the mantra in their own way with several songs subsequently broadcast by Italian radio and television. Here are a few.

The singers Elisa and Tommaso Paradiso alongside the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism and in support of the Protezione Civile released their “Andrà tutto bene” with all earnings donated to the Protezione Civile. That song, produced by Elisa, programmed by Andrea Rigonat, mixed and mastered by Marco Zangirolami says:

The embrace among people will return
and the sun on the skin will return
the freedom to run along the road
to kiss at the stop
and suddenly look into your eyes and say
Everything will be fine

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The Italian-English singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti with his "Andrà tutto bene" recorded his first song in Italian. The song was born in a live writing session on Instagram with its Italian fans. Jack recorded the song at home, in his studio on the track produced by Cam Blackwood with the strings arranged and performed by Davide Rossi and mixed by Daniel Moyler, all remotely. The proceeds from the piece were donated entirely to the Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Genoa. Here’s the refrain:

Everything will be fine
Let's not feel divided
There is still time to love
Everything will be fine
We are distant but united
By the desire to return
To return free

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