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A Cozy, Charming Italian Corner Full of Surprises

Tommaso Cartia (December 07, 2016)
Al Vicoletto is a delicious restaurant close to Union Square that opened approximately one year ago, and it brings the charm of small Italian alleyways to the ever-chaotic New York City. The restaurant continues to amaze its clients with an ever changing and exciting calendar of surprising events, a new talented chef, a renovated menu and much more... stay tuned!


A perfect balance between a refined atmosphere—as you would expect from an Italian vicoletto where you find your favorite bar and bottega—and an elegant, stylish restaurant vibe that harmonizes with the modern era. This multifaceted reality is constantly changing, it’s no longer just a market of extremely high quality products or a place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Brunch, cocktails, live music, sampling courses, catering, and now a brand-new chef and a renovated meu combined to make dining at 'Al Vicoletto' an even more diverse, fanciful, and charming experience.

A New Talented Chef

'Al Vicoletto' recently gained a new great artisan in Pugliese chef Alessandro Pendinelli who moved to the Big Apple three years ago with an already well-established culinary career.

He was previously a sous-chef at UVA, a prestigious restaurant on the Upper East Side, and after that, he worked at another important N.Y.C. restaurant, Per Lei. Then the chef from Molfetta entered into AICNY (Associazione Italiana Chef di New York), and now he arrived at 'Al Vicoletto', bringing all of the rich flavors of the Pugliese tradition with some new flair and originality.

A New Menu

Some highlights of the new menu proposed by Alessandro are dishes like “Orecchiette broccoli, cime di rape ed acciughe” (orecchiette with broccoli, turnip greens, and anchovies), “Bavette con scampi, arancia e succo d’arancia, granchio reale” (Bavette with scampi, oranges and orange juice and crabs), “Calamari alla griglia con finocchio fritto” (grilled calamari with fried fennel) and “Purea di favetta con seppie grigliate e quinoa rosso” (mashed favetta, grilled cuttlefish, and red quinoa). The ingredients are of exceptionally high quality, the fish and the meat are always extremely fresh from the market.

The evening aperitivo from 4 to 8 have developed a bit of a cult following. Italian style cocktails, delicious spritzers, and high quality dishes are finally available here in the city. In addition to its cocktails, 'Al Vicoletto' is also famous for its rare Italian wines that are difficult to find elsewhere in New York.

Great Surprises

The all staff is excited to present all of the events and the initiatives that the restaurant has recently created to surprise its clientele in the coming months. Sunday brunch, for example, is becoming extremely popular.

The singer Valentina Marino, the "musical gypsy of New York", will conduct the music brunch on sundays where she will also leave the stage to her students, the next generation of jazz musicians.

Fridays offer the possibility of finding the perfect pairing of food and wine at a fixed price; wine can be had either by the glass or by the bottle. Two times a month, some of the best Italian sommeliers in the city will offer lessons on the characteristics of their own wines, and they will offer the wines for sale at a special price.

A cute initiative for the holiday season; the restaurant will sell the traditional artisanal Italian panettone.

Check out all the upcoming events at: www.alvicolettonyc.com