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  • Designated by the UN General Assembly in 2005, International Holocaust Remembrance Day Jan. 27 marks the 74th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi concentration camps. Events honoring the Shoah take place throughout Italy, from Palermo to Turin.
  • View of Sambuca in Sicily (Simon Padovani | Shutterstock)
    The possibility of buying a house in the scenic Sicilian town of Sambuca for about $1 made headlines in many outlets, from CNN Travel, which broke the news, to The New York Post and The Guardian. Within 48 hours of the story being spread, local officials have been inundated with tens of thousands of inquiries from people hoping to buy their piece of rural Italy. But what is it like living there as an outsider? We talked with journalist Paola Caridi who moved there in 2008 after 12 years in the Middle East.
  • Of the 58 European Capitals of Culture since Athens was designated the first in 1985, this year's choice fell on Matera in Basilicata. After four years of preparation, the 2019 year of European Culture kicks off there on Jan. 19 with music, exhibitions, light shows, and dance and theater performances.
  • Facts & Stories
    Francesca Pili(December 13, 2018)
    Alitalia Relaunch. Fabio Maria Lazzerini, Chief Business Officer, met the press at ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board in New York. Talking about the present situation of the Italian airline company and future business developments, the key words are: heading in the right direction. One of the news: Alitalia is launching Washington-Rome route
  • Vice-President of the Council and Minister of the Interior
    Matteo Salvini will shortly visit the United States, he told a crowded hall of foreign journalists at the Foreign Press Association Dec. 10. While calling for regular and regularly controlled immigration, he said, "My priority is the 5 million Italians living in poverty."
  • Marco Pelle, photo credit: Alexo Wandael
    Fatti e Storie
    Francesca Pili(December 10, 2018)
    Vincitore del PrimiDieci USA Awards nel 2016, il coreografo italiano ci racconta la strada percorsa, tra vita e danza, che lo ha portato al successo
  • Fear of immigrants is an economic theme: 58% say they believe that migrants take away jobs from Italians
    This December's annual Censis Report on the Italian society and economy is not exactly what Santa ordered. Its 52d edition shows an Italy suffering from fear of the future and of migrants, and lax in investing in education.
  • Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York City's Central Park monument to Christopher Columbus has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 76-foot rostral column was erected in 1892 in Central Park by New York's growing Italian-Americancommunity, which embraced Columbus as a unifying figure to help Italians overcome discrimination and gain inclusion in mainstream society.
  • Maria Sole Tognazzi e suo padre Ugo Tognazzi
    In omaggio all'attore una retrospettiva al Museum of Modern Art di New York dal titolo "Ugo Tognazzi: Tragedies of a Ridiculous Man", dal 5 al 30 dicembre 2018 . La figlia Maria Sole Tognazzi ha raccontato vita, curiosità e aneddoti sul grande artista all'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York
  • Copertina del libro ed il suo autore, Goffredo Palmerini
    A pochi mesi dal decennale del sisma che il 6 aprile 2009 provocò 309 morti a L’Aquila e danni ingenti a tutto il comprensorio, esce il libro "Grand Tour a volo d'Aquila" di Goffredo Palmerini. Intervista all'autore che, come evidenzia Tiziana Grassi nella prefazione, con la sua fitta rete di collegamenti epistolari in tutti i continenti, ha dato “il via a un’imponente gara di concreta solidarietà e generosità tra tutti gli Abruzzesi nel mondo e delle loro Associazioni in favore della popolazione aquilana e dei borghi colpiti dal terremoto”.