Leonardo Da Vinci 2.0

Maria Klein (May 29, 2019)
The exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci 3D," will will be held from May 30th to September 22nd in Milan, alongside the Cathedral of the Fabbrica del Vapore, shows the great Renaissance master like you've never seen him before.

Milan's “Leonardo da Vinci 3D” exhibit is virtually bringing back the past for all to enjoy this summer. In this show, which will be held in the suggestive Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore, the life and artworks of Leonardo can be experienced on a personal level unlike ever before.

Through the use of technology the show breaks through traditional borders, bringing to the visitors images, lights, sounds and colors that recall the life and great works of Da Vinci.

The exhibit is a jump from the past to the present, that allows for the public to get to know the great master “in person”. A life size hologram of Leonardo himself recounts his story and inspiration behind his works.

Tradition and technological innovation work hand in hand to reveal to the viewer the true vastity and complexity of the world the well-known figure of Leonardo gravitated around.

Technology creates the bridge that allows us to connect to this past world. The show not only narrates the life of Leonardo but also his universe.

The exhibit links us to Da Vinci’s room of inventions, the mirror room dedicated to the flying machine, to the final immersive room of his artwork.

This so-called “impossible exhibition” is a digital gallery, that for the first time, brings together, in a natural scale, all of the most famous Leonardo paintings. Viewers can experience Leonardo’s art, from the Mona Lisa to the Virgin of the Rocks, on a personal level.

Viewing art through this digital lense gives people the opportunity to experience first hand the creative expression of the great artist, down to the very last detail. The exhibit in this sense creates a truly immersive experience.

With the help of VR (virtual reality) and Oculus (glasses that permit virtual reality vision) the public can virtually submerge themselves into what they find fascinating.

This virtual jump into the color, poses and details of the artists paintings on a natural scale is an experience that is not to be missed, drawing many from around the world to Milan this summer.