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Waiting - a Documentary by Cristian Piazza

I. I. (July 28, 2016)
A Documentary about finding the strength to give up an old familiar world to find identity and get a chance at self-realization, to find home in a strange land. It’s a longing for validation as a modern settler.

WAITING is about Second Chances. Being an Immigrant implies a resetting in habits: a new language, a new culture and dealing with circumstances differently. At first you are exhilarated and in awe because everything is new, until you realize that the past, and all things familiar, are pretty much a memory and nothing else.

New York has always been considered an Island of opportunity; it has been home for many generations of Italian immigrants since the late 1800’s. It’s a place to prove and confront yourself in every possible field. I was at a crossroad when I conceived this project. I challenged my fear of failure, the idea of Home, Identity and Family.

Filming this documentary showed me that most decisions come from a very intimate place: call it individual crisis, turning point, or passage to adulthood.  I was first interested in knowing how people become aware of it: how can they see their way forward and use that awareness to change their lives. Choices are what define us as human beings. These are stories that humanize immigrants.

Collaboration is always a matter of trial and error in this business. I found amazing people who have been determined and passionate and helped me to complete this documentary. Anything that helps to increase the spirit of collaboration is always a plus.

Three Italian Immigrants aim for a second chance in life in New York City.

Floriano Pagliara is a Professional Boxer looking for self-validation. After a crushing defeat back in Italy, he needs to regain confidence. His career is his Identity. He finds a new trainer and a shot at a World Title against an American Champion. What will do it for him? Going the distance or winning the title?

Paolo Buffagni is a former Actor without any musical instruction. He reinvents himself as an Opera Singer at 30 after moving to New York. With little support for its new venture, he is constantly hesitant about his real potential and talent. His first major role is in Verdi’s Traviata. He’s looking for the recognition he couldn’t get back home.

Paolo Inferrera ultimately wants to open a restaurant in New York. His former family lifestyle and his entitled way of living fell apart with his parent’s divorce. He is an aspiring entrepreneur that falls short, hitting rock bottom. He acknowledges addiction and fights against it. He realized that the outside stimulation was a fence to his inner development. He tries to redeem himself in order to find his true Identity.