A Wake Up Call, 2!

Anthony Julian Tamburri (April 12, 2008)
Now that our eyes have been opened wide, what can we do?

Cari amici,

A number of you have written to me, and I am uplifted by your desire to do something constructive. We will indeed have some suggestions as we move forward.

In the meantime, however, we need to make our desires known. The figures for the world languages in the "low volume" category were the following:

Japanese = 1667

Chinese  = 3260

German = 5397

Italian, instead of the projected 1,788 expected, is at 2,025 as of April 8, the final deadline being April 18.

If you wish to opine to the powers that be, as some of you have in your responses to me, let me follow Dr. Cuomo's thoughts and suggest you send a passionate, respectful message to the following:

Governor Gaston Caperton, President of the College Board

[email protected]

Trevor Packer, Vice-President of the AP Programs

[email protected]


James Monk, Associate Director, World Languages and Cultures

[email protected]


As Dr. Cuomo states, "it is appropriate to say that Italian is in the 'infancy' stage of its development, having been introduced in 2005."

Alla riscossa! Anthony

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