Love at First Tomato!

Giulia Madron (July 03, 2014)
Diana Attianese is the creator of Italianavera, the brand she created a few months ago moved by two great passions: food, especially tomatoes, and fashion.

She is young, Italian, with a strong passion for food and above all...she loves tomatoes! These were the ingredients that pushed Diana Attianese to create a few months ago the brand Italianavera and start her own business making traditional tomato sauces.

Born within a family who was in the canning industry since 1950, this young lady’s passion for tomatoes was love at first sight...or first smell!

“When I was a kid I dreamed about managing, for instance, a pizza place. A place where food was created using tomato,” says Diana, who has always loved the family business especially when she walked inside the factory where the smell of tomatoes was everywhere.

Another passion that characterizes Diana is the one for fashion. Indeed, after graduation she started to work within the fashion industry. However, they say you never forget your first love so she decided not only to go back to the family business but also to take her own path and try to make a difference bringing together her two passions: food and fashion.

From Campania with love, she began her own adventure bringing to life a brand, Italianavera, which combines a family tradition of love for tomatoes with a new concept and vision of the dining experience: eat well, healthy and most of all, eat Italian!

“I think that eating healthy nowadays is a bit rare, even though there are a lot of products out there. I am offering a high quality product,” says Diana, whose tomato sauces are made only with natural ingredients and everything is hand made.

“I wanted my sauces to combine 3 elements that for me are essential: practicality, a healthy meal and something that is beautiful,” continues Diana explaining why her products are also very trendy. “I want that people who buy my products look inside the pantry and see a can that they like, that they almost feel sorry to open,” affirms Diana.

Indeed, the packaging is beautiful. Is simple but in the same time is a piece of design that you could use as a vase or a glass, promoting also a sustainable environment.

So, Italianavera is about innovation but without forgetting the tradition and the culture that make Italian food something unique in the whole world.

“My tomato sauces have the taste of your home. When you open a can you could almost see your grandma preparing delicious dishes. So you would have your ‘grandma sauce’ within a can which is modern, sinuous and feminine, something that characterizes me, my brand and my cooking,” says Diana, affirming also, very firmly, that “cooking is female,” as she wanted to mark also in the logo of her brand which recalls the body of a woman with a red heart for a head.

Italianavera offers tomato sauces typical of the Italian cooking tradition within an innovative can creating a new food trend aimed at increasing the value of the Made in Italy all around the world!