Anna Sammarone’s Butterfly Inspired Fall 2016 Collection

Kayla Pantano (November 03, 2016)
Suffused with her creativity and talent, Anna’s latest designs are hand made in Italy, timeless, and vary in texture.

It was an easy decision for Italian designer Anna Sammarone to pursue fashion, despite earning a law degree. She grew up in a small town called Larino in the Molise region, and since her childhood she has cultivated her own personal style. A master of the craft with a passion that pervades her soul, she treasures the South’s tradition of artfully sewn garments.

When we met to discuss her latest collection at her friend’s Upper East Side apartment, flanked by panoramic views of Central Park and the East River, Anna radiated grace. Less than 24 hours after landing in New York City from her native Italy, she embodied daywear that can be worn straight through the night, mixing textures for a stylish ensemble that feels more casual.

Dressed in a ‘70s-esque mustard green velvet blazer balanced with a plain white V-neck tee, she flaunted her legs in earthy high-waited shorts embellished with loose threads and a floral print with subtle pops of blue and purple. For an added level of accentuation and a touch of femininity, she finished the look with dark green suede heeled booties and bold red lipstick.

Her outfit appeared even more striking when juxtaposed against the thin washed out gold and maroon striped sheet that draped the L-shaped couch we shared, where she would reveal her inspirations and describe her brand’s style. Occasionally rising to sift through the racks of her designs, Anna spoke with such ardent fervor, switching back and forth between English and Italian.

Farfalle. I started with butterflies and followed them. It’s a collection with embroidered butterflies, very light blouses, and a series of feathers that cause you to think of their wings. These are all parts of a butterfly, and they make you think about following your desires,” she explained.

As she poeticized, the collection is characterized by chic work wear with fine-spun feathered belts, delicate butterflies, and pom poms, epitomizing wearable and timeless couture, “without compromising one’s personality.” The line is filled with neutral shades and an array of fabrics and materials; however, the highlight is the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

The blouses range from wool with ruffled collars to those rendered in silk tulle with gathered construction and contrasting butterfly appliqués. Other tops include a plaid t-shirt with a relaxed fit and a short sleeve wool blend with a jewel neckline. The skirts are equally to die for, whether pencil or pleated, but my favorite is the blue knee length velvet piece with sequin embellishment. From cashmere pullovers to Lurex shorts to brocade pants, she utilized texture to create a soft and feminine collection perfect for fall and winter wardrobes—which means layers on layers.

Anna, for example, likes to finish her look with a cape. Gesturing to one that screams warmth and boasts an ombré of gray to black to brown, she expressed, “I always have a favorite piece that I feel represents me the most. In this collection my favorite is this cape because I always wear capes. I love them because they’re warm and heavy.”

She admitted that her brand’s style is undoubtedly indicative of her own.

“I can’t desire something that I wouldn’t wear myself. Therefore, every collection is my own evolution.”

She continued to disclose her heartfelt desires of her latest line, redefining “splendor.”

 “I hope that this one is modern but at the same time timeless, that’s in style without following the trends, that’s always the same throughout the years, that’s never detached from reality. This is the true meaning of splendor, to not be affected by time. The most beautiful things that are still sensational even after 100 years represent true splendor.”