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Toasting to Tuscany with the Tuscan Association of New York

natasha lardera (September 03, 2013)
Italian newspaper, La Nazione, initiated the idea of celebrating with a Global Toast to help promote 2013 summer events in Tuscany, the region's beauty and culture. New York celebrated with the Tuscan Association's president Joan Migliori, Niccolò Del Buffa and Consul General Natalia Quintavalle at Per Lei.

New York and Florida, Buenos Aires, Melbourne and Sidney, Bruxelles, San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, Siem Reap, Havana, Accra, Montreal, London, Paris, Berlin, Asuncion, Cordoba and last but not least...Bangkok.

All these cities scattered around the world came together on Saturday, August 24th for a unique event called “La Toscana nel Mondo Brinda per l'Arcobaleno D'Estate," (Tuscany in the World Toasts to the Summer's Rainbow).

“Italian newspaper, La Nazione (the newspaper of Tuscany and Umbria), initiated the idea of celebrating with a Global Toast to help promote 2013 summer events in Tuscany, the region's beauty and culture,” Joan Migliori, President of the Tuscan Association of New York said, “Therefore, the Tuscan Association of New York, together with people in cities and towns throughout Tuscany, and with Toscani nel Mondo Associations around the world, raised a glass and saluted the region of Tuscany.”

In New York City, the celebration took place on Saturday, August 24, 2013 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Per Lei Restaurant, 1347 2nd Avenue, at the corner of East 71st Street, Manhattan. Tuscans and fans of the region toasted with Tuscan wines and delicious complimentary appetizers, while enjoying live performances reminiscent of classic Tuscan culture.

“This was the perfect opportunity for those who have an interest in Tuscany to meet one another,” Joan Migliori continued, “To celebrate with great Italian wine and appetizers, and get to know the Tuscan Association of New York.”

At the event there was a special guest, the Consul General of Italy in New York, Minister Natalia Quintavalle, who is a Tuscan herself, from Pietrasanta in the province of Lucca. “I am a Tuscan so I could not miss this celebration,” she told the crowd at Per Lei, “I was in Italy up to a few days ago and I heard about this initiative while lying on the beach. The vice president of the Toscani nel Mondo association was vacationing in the same place I was, so he told me about the Arcobaleno d'Estate taking place not only in Tuscany but all around the world. I was supposed to come back to New York later in the month but I decided to come back on time and be part of this global toast...it is a very beautiful and unique idea...there are Tuscans all around the world. In this city there are many and as it is good to see that the Tuscan Association of New York is active again. It was inactive for a while but I am sure this celebration marks its return.

2013 is the year of Italian Culture, so we have been having several events highlighting Italian culture but we are also bringing Tuscan culture. In Pietrasanta there is the beautiful tradition of making marble and bronze statues, there are a lot of local and international always at work, creating, making beautiful things... so while I was there we decided to bring to NY in November an exhibition of sculptures from Pietrasanta. We also want to honor the local artisans, not many know that they are the ones who are behind each and every sculptor. The artists do not produce the final piece they just have the idea, the work is done by artisans. It will be a beautiful exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute.”

The program for the rest of the year of Italian culture features other Tuscan themed events focusing on famous Tuscans such as Machiavelli, Boccaccio, Dante and Puccini.

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