41º Parallelo. A Cinematic Bridge Between Naples and NYC

Mario Gates (November 23, 2011)
Naples is captured on the big screen at the 8th edition of the American spin-off of the Napoli Film Festival, run by Davide Azzolini. All screenings will be held at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.

The 8th edition of 41º Parallelo, the American spin-off of the Napoli Film Festival, run by Davide Azzolini, is about to start (Nov 28-Dec 1). NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò will host a series of events, open to all, where the reality of Naples is captured on film.

Monday, November 28, 6 PM

SchermoNapoli, a selection of shorts Made in Naples. In Italian with English subtitles.

"Jody delle Giostre" directed by Adriano Sforzi (Ita, 2011, 13 min)

"DisAbili" directed by Angelo Cretella (Ita, 2010, 15 min)

"108,1 FM Radio" directed by Angelo e Giuseppe Capasso (Ita, 2011, 15 min)

"Dulce" directed by Ivan Ruiz Flores (Ita/Spa, 2011, 15 min)

"La currybonara" directed by Ezio Maisto (Ita, 2010, 15 min)

"Le storie che invento non le so raccontare" directed by Francesco Lettieri (Ita, 2011, 14 min)

"The story of a mother" directed by Alessandro De Vivo and Ivano Di Natale (Ita, 2010, 18 min)

"Travel companions a colori" directed by Ferdinando Carcavallo (Ita, 2011, 11 min)

"Il sogno" di Gennaro directed by Antonio Manco (Ita, 2010, 25 min)

Wednesday, November 30, 6 PM

O’Mast (2011), Screening of the documentary directed by Gianluca Migliarotti and panel discussion. Panelists include the director, Stefano Albertini, director of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Prof. Eugenia Paulicelli, professor of Italian and Comparative Literature (CUNY).

This film is a journey inside the tradition of bespoke tailoring in the city of Naples. It's a story that wants to celebrate the dressmakers and their craft. There are some key words to this documentary: excellence, dignity, beauty, work, elegance, passion. 

Thursday, December 1, 6 PM

Catene (Chains) (1949), Screening of the film directed by Raffaello Matarrazzo and panel discussion. Panelists are Stefano Albertini, director of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Antonio Monda, Professor NYU and journalist.

After years of making mostly comedies and literary adaptations, Raffaello Matarazzo turned to melodrama with this intense tale of a tight-knit working-class famili shattered by temptation. There’s a touch of noir in Chains, in which the saintly yet earthy Yvonne Sanson, as the devoted wife of a mechanic (Amedeo Nazzari), finds herself unwillingly drawn back to an ex-love who has turned to crime.

For additional details: http://www.casaitaliananyu.org/





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