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  • It has now been ten years since Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini held the first edition of their literary festival “Le Conversazioni”, on the beautiful island of Capri. Since then the event has grown and now takes place in four different cities spanning over 3 continents. The festival takes the form of casual yet sophisticated discussions between notorious intellectual figures. We met with the organizers during their annual New York preview at NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Merimò and talked about the event’s inception and about what’s to be expected from the season’s NYC events at the Morgan Library, at the NY Historical Society, and at the Guggenheim.
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    Roberta Michelino(October 09, 2013)
    Now in New York Cinemas, Enzo Avitabile Music Life, a documentary film directed by Jonathan Demme, produced by Davide Azzolini for Dazzle Communication and co-produced by Antonio Monda, is a must see. The film tells the story of the Neapolitan multifaceted artist, Enzo Avitabile. His eclectic background is explored through the streets of his native Naples. We asked Antonio Monda for some details.
  • Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò presented the 2011 edition of "Le Conversazioni - Scrittori a Confronto", the international literary festival curated by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini that has brought Anglo-American intellectuals to Capri since 2007
  • Italian cinema between New York and Naples will be presented at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (NYU) and Lincoln Center. Also announced - by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini - an event in January during Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe's New York visit about Cinema and the communication of the Neapolitan image. Stay tuned