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Articles by: Benedetta Grasso

  • When the movie Pina by Wim Wender came out in 2011 it reached unexpected audiences and made a less known figure and an indie experimental approach understandable and fully engaging. It might have not swept the nation like "La La Land" or be a cinephile favorite like "Singing in the Rain", or "The Red Shoes", but it took dance in its purest form and made it an entertaining, poetic, visual spectacle where the movement itself tells the story, where the 3D is not used for jumping dinosaurs but envelops you in a multi-dimensional idea of beauty.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Benedetta Grasso(June 13, 2016)
    If one day you are walking around NYC and taste Barolo in a chocolate praline, you might be transported from Murray Hill to the beautiful hills of Langhe. And there is a great story to tell. It is about crispy dark chocolate, it is about Barolo Filling, it is about the 19th-century Italian statesman, Camillo Benso Count of Cavour
  • A Sicilian man, a brooding scientist, looks at the beautiful sea in front of him. His mind is going in a million different directions tackling impossibly hard ideas such as anti-matter, the neutrino masses, long equations, fermions... He then embarks on a ship from Palermo to Naples and suddenly disappears leaving a few words with little explanation on why he wants to escape. Did he run away? Did he die? Where did he actually go?
  • A selection of photographs from the Stefano and Silvia Lucchini Collection. "New York is a city you must behold not only with your eyes, but also with your heart […] And we see it in ceaseless movement, dynamic in its eternal identity as a grand metropolis, perfect in its buildings, revealing its luminosity despite of being shot in black and white, always the most stirring, meeting point of different people, realities and sentiments. It is always the New York that has remained impressed in everyone’s heart. Evanescent and intriguing, its arms open to hopeful thoughts, final destination of millions of fugitives. It and it alone is the new scintillating and effervescent Babylon. In hopes of a better future”.
  • Two young and talented Italian comic writers create a graphic novel character who is quickly reaching audiences and is soon to cross borders in multiple language translations are proving that comic writing and graphic novels are a successful and popular way to get a message across.
  • TJC's Jewish News Week in Review: July 15, 2011
    On July 12 2011, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations held a celebratory lunch that recognized Francesco Maria Talò’s contribution to the Jewish community in Italy and in New York City.