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  • In a recent i-Italy article, “Fighting the Good Fight”, Italophile lamenting about AP Italian continues. But, for Philo-Italian Americana, the “Better Fight” would be over the non-existence of Italian American history and culture in our public schools, colleges and universities.
  • New York-based website helps Italian language and culture lovers join and create real-life communities wherever they live.
  • Dear readers of i-Italy, a crisis is brewing that threatens the future of Italian language studies in the United States. And unless we take a stand, the American educational system may diminish the role of Italian in high schools and colleges.
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    (August 06, 2008)
    Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, French Creole and... English. These are the official languages of New York City, according to an Executive Order recently issued by Mayor Bloomberg.
  • IACE and hosted a touching awards ceremony at the Italian Consulate in New York that rewarded students of Italian on their journalistic projects of the Italian piazza. At the ceremony, the notable guest panel encouraged the promising future of the study of Italian language within a journalistic environment for Italian language students
  • Interview with Alexander Stille. Author and journalist Alexander Stille is the San Paolo Professor of International Journalism at Columbia University. Stille’s father, Ugo, was a famed Italian journalist and director of Il Corriere della Sera.