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  • Darrell Fusaro in some funny commercials
    Everyone’s familiar with nicknames. Mikey, Snookie, Noodles, The Situation. We’ve heard them all. But the ones given to you by your Italian-American friends? They always seem to carry more clout.
  • The "Guido/Goomba/Cugine" is a very distinctive-looking, working-class East Coast Italian-American. The whole lifestyle may seem shallow or strange to some, but “authentic” Italian-American life does not have to revolve around formal language, Renaissance art or the opera. This is indeed a subculture that is very complex and needs exploration—not shunning and shame. There can be civil discussions about all these differences, but there should never be any mean-spirited debates on which is right or wrong.
  • What is this guido thing? Is it pure caricature put on us by the outside world, or do we have an active part in it? Is it lifestyle or demeaning stereotype? A (former guido) brother who now teaches environmental engineering, and a (longtime anti-guido) sister who is now an actress, writer and filmmaker, look back.
  • Op-Eds
    Jerry Krase(January 14, 2010)
    The Italian and Italian American traditions share many common practices, the most important of which for the case at hand is the knack for rhetorical and other displays. It is the "others," such as Wasps, who are supposed to be tight-lipped and up-tight when it comes to potentially embarrassing issues. In my opinion, the term "Guido" and its associated youth style deserves a cool headed discussion, as well as the heated conversation it now enjoys.
  • Extended interview with Gianfranco Norelli, writer and director of the documentary film "Bitter Bread" (Pane Amaro). The new version for American audiences will be screened on Thursday, June 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the Center for the Performing Arts at LaGuardia Community College/CUNY in Queens
  • Interview wth Lauren LoGiudice, a young and promising actress and model. She recounts her life as an Italian American in Queens, NYC, and the way her origins influenced her career. She cultivates a strong relationship with her public through the internet