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  • The John D. Calandra Institute's Annual Conference promises to be a memorable one in 2012. "Reimagining White Ethnicity: Expressivity, Identity, Race" brings together scholars studying different ethnic groups in contemporary America to redefine the idea of Ethnicity. i-Italy interviewed Dr Joseph Sciorra to know more about the Conference.
  • Anthony, Frankie, Giovanni, Peter and Chip are grown-up Italian-American men who still live at home. They are in their 30's yet they let their mothers do everything for them. They work, they party and they go out on the prowl, looking for the Italian woman of their dreams.
  • The popular singer talks eating disorders with a group of young female students during the “It's Our Turn” conference held in Los Angeles. She confessed she was bulimic and the constant vomiting was taking a toll on her voice.
  • Italy's Ambassador to Washington Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, writes about the initiatives to promote Italian language and culture in the U.S. and the opportunities they open to the Italian-American community (Editrial note: ten days after this article was published, Ambassador Terzi was made Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Indigenous languages suppressed by a foreign imposed lingua franca have shown profound capacity to reinvigorate themselves. If the ‘dead national languages’ of Norway and Ireland can be revived; almost certainly the marginalized languages of Sicily and southern Italy can displace the Piedmontese imposed Tuscan lingua franca. Indeed, the displacement may already be in process. But, there is no reason to believe southern-Italian Americans will ever again hear the sounds of their historic mother tongues and know the history and culture embedded in those languages. They will continue to have their history and culture defined by mass-media and the American Tuscan-esque literati and teachers.
  • Mafia 2 E3 2010 Made Man Trailer [HD]
    Several Italian-American organizations are staging an anti-defamation campaign against the videogame "Mafia II" on the ground that it offends and stereotypes Italian Americans as mafiosi. Here we present the argument against the game through the words of Andrè DiMino, Chief Media Executive and Immediate Past National President of UNICO National. In the next few days we shall investigate the opposing viewpont.
  • Giorgio Napolitano's visit to the White House on May 25, 2010 strengthened the friendship and mutual sympathy between Barack Obama and our President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. However the Italian press found just a little space for some analysis and comments by eminent experts of international politics who expressed their opinions about the status of the relationship between United States and Italy during the Obama administration.