Marche Is Good: One Month Journey through Marche's Goodness

Giulia Madron (October 02, 2013)
Don't miss the month dedicated to the Marche Region, which, together with Confindustria Marche, launched the integrated project "Marche is good" to promote and bring to the US the food, the culture, the art and the design of this wonderful Italian region.

“Marche is Good.” This is the official name of the integrated project created by the Marche Region and Confindustria Marche to promote and bring to the United States this wonderful Italian territory with its best kept secrets. A whole month to discover the food, art and design of such amazing region.

On Tuesday, October 1, 2013, Eataly opened its door for the inauguration of the event attended by many guests, journalists and bloggers specialized in food and wine but also lifestyle and tourism. “We are very proud of introducing our Region in the United States,” said the Councillor of Culture Pietro Marcolini, greeting the guests who came at the event. “Our land,” he continued, “ is the land of Raffaello, Rossini and Dante Ferretti. All of them are included in the celebration of our territory here in New York.” Indeed, at the MoMa, there is a special exhibition dedicated to the famous designer Dante Ferretti. During the event, the guests were been spoiled with delicious dishes and wines typicals of the Marche Region. “A lot of work but we are having great satisfactions,” said Orietta Maria Varnelli, coordinator of the Marche is Good project. “We are very happy of having for one whole month the products of the Marche, which are unique especially here in New York where they never came until today,” said Dino Borri of Eataly.

At the School of Eataly, where the event was hosted, was also introduced the main divulgation tool of this project: a web portal showcasing not only the 36 wine and food products but also those people from the Marche who hit the United States being very “good” in several fields: food, fashion, design, politics and academics.

The same day, at the Italian Cultural Institute was exposed the statue of “Santa Caterina D’Alessandria,” a precious piece made by young Raffaello, that will remain at the Institute until October 28.

Afterwards, the launch of the Marche is Good project continued with a special event at the wonderful showroom of Scavolini in Soho. For the occasion, Scavolini, the leader Italian firm specialized in the design of kitchens and bathrooms, housed a special photo show realized by the photographer Francesco Tonelli, who, inspired by the recipes of the chef Fabio Trabocchi, decided to dedicate a special artistic creation, “Marchattan,” in which the food products were originally arranged to recreate the silouhette of the Manhattan Skyline. With so many Scavolini’s kitchens, food was something that could not miss.

An exquisite buffet of Marche’s specialties was offered to the guests who could not resist the smell of what was coming out from the kitchen. From Marche with love arrived also two authentic costumes from the Rossini Opera Festival, giving to the location a very striking atmosphere. Furthermore, the young singers of the Mannes School of Music, livened up the evening for, the joy of the numerous guests, interpreting the traditional music operas of Rossini and Pergolesi, also with a special homage to Verdi, in occasion of the bicentennial anniversary. Moreover, the French singer Nicole Renauld, equipped with a luminescent concertina, combined with high heels as much luminescent as the instrument, interpreted several pieces written by Italian authors, including those from the Marche Region.

This special music show took place under the careful attention of the Sferisterio’s Director Francesco Micheli, who will bring the opera also to the Guglielmo Marconi School, the New York University and in the prestigious Italian House Zerilli-Marimo’, which keeps alive the opera tradition in the US. 

A very full calendar of appointments throughout the whole month of October. There are a lot of events on this dense agenda aimed to value the culture, the traditions, the food and also the brands that made the Marche Region the special place it is today.
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