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Milan Fashion on a Global Scale

M. M. (February 25, 2009)
The region of Lombardy launched the platform M.A.D.E. in Milan with the aim of uniting the leading International Fashion Fairs taking place in the city of Milan. This initiative was presented at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan

On February 18 the splendid frame of the Rainbow Room at Rockfeller Center hosted the presentation of M.A.D.E. in Milano, a platform launched by the Region of Lombardy under the auspices of the Lombardy Fashion Committee.

M.A.D.E. standss for Moda (Fashion), Arte (Art), Design, Eventi (Events),  four elements that are found in this Italian city and which make it the unquestioned capital.

The project aims to reunite, under the same umbrella, the most prominent and popular trade shows that take place in Milan. Among the most noted MICAM, MIDO, MIFUR, MIPEL, MILANOVENDE MODA, MILANO UNICA, PROPOSTE and WHITE stand out.

Some of the most preeminent

Italian representatives in the field were there to introduce the project to a public composed of American, Italian and foreign journalists, entrepreneurs and fashion specialists.

Giovanni Bozzetti, President of the Lombardy Fashion Committee, offered the introductory remarks.

After thanking the President of the Region Roberto Formigoni for having backed the implementation of the project from the very beginning, he declared: “The M.A.D.E. project was born from the need to transform the Lombardy trade shows from exhibition fairs into events capable of giving prominence to what we define the ‘Italian Fashion System’, thus confirming the central role the city of Milan plays as a strategic destination for the buying calendar or agenda”.

Fashion represents a large share of Italy’s GDP: there are approximately 70,000 companies employed in this field with a turnover of 70 billion euro per year (40 of which are accounted from exports). The United States represents a great market for these companies, one of every five items being purchased in this country.

Boosting of this sector of the national economy thus becomes fundamental in this period of economic recession as Michele Perini, President of Fiera Milano, added: “If the creation of  a system implies focusing attention on the demands

of this moment’s delicate economic timing, it is through M.A.D.E. in Milan that our region and our economic team of specialists have given a quick and collaborative answer”.  

Beppe Modenese, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, was the first promoter of M.A.D.E. in Milan: “I am flattered to be the godfather of this project... It is with great joy that I present it in New York, with the hope of building a stronger alliance with the United States, a country that has greatly contributed in bringing “Made in Italy” to the world.”

After their speeches, the hosts treated their audience to a rich breakfast offered by the Region of Lombardy. Among those present, there was also Jo Squillo, an Italian showgirl and journalist who came to New York to introduce the gala dinner and fashion show scheduled for the following evening at the Marriott Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.





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