#ItalyRunNYC: Run to Celebrate la Festa della Repubblica

Nicole Campisano (May 18, 2018)
The first ever “Italy Run by Ferrero” will be held in Central Park celebrating the Festa della Repubblica. Ferrero Group, under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy, is sponsoring the event. The race will take place Sunday June 3 and is free for all participants.

To celebrate Italy’s Festa della Repubblica, Ferrero Group is hosting the first annual "Italy Run" on June 3!  Festa della Repubblica is the Italian National holiday. It celebrates the day that Italians voted for Italy to become a republic in 1946. New York Road Runners is organizing this patriotic event under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy. 

Italy Run by Ferrero

Located in the iconic Central Park, participants of all ages will run 5 miles starting at 9:30 am as friends and family cheer them on.  There will also be festivities after the race with music, food, and more! Guests will even have the chance to sample Ferrero products like Nutella, and Tic-tacs, as well as treats from the other sponsors.

Francesco Genuardi, the Consul General of Italy in New York exclaims, “we cannot wait to see Central Park with the colors of our tricolore, the Italian flag. This race marks once again the friendship between Italy and the city of New York. We are delighted this year to commemorate La Festa Della Repubblica by celebrating sports with such amazing partners."  Ferrero Group is also excited to sponsor the event.  It is part of their mission to be committed to being an active member of the community and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Supporting the AICF

Italy Run by Ferrero is supporting the American-Italian Cancer Foundation:

The American-Italian Cancer Foundation supports cancer research, education, and control, emphasizing the outstanding resources of Italy and the United States, recognizing world-class scientific excellence in medicine, and serving economically disadvantaged, medically under-served New York City women through breast cancer screening, outreach, and education.

Runners can donate to the AICF when they register!

About New York Roadrunners

New York Road Runners serves nearly 600,000 runners of all ages and abilities annually through hundreds of races, community open runs, walks, training sessions, and other running-related programming, with 267,000 youth participating in free fitness programs and events nationally, including 134,000 in New York City’s five boroughs.

About Ferrero

Many Ferrero products are “global”, making Ferrero the fourth largest confectionary company in the world.  Ferrero’s distinguished characteristic is its “glocal” approach (think globally, act locally); that is a Company vision focusing on international development yet adapting to local traditions and needs and giving back to the local community. 

Ferrero is also very committed to consumers and their needs. Over the years, Ferrero has built a mutual relationship based on trust, experience, “feeling” and insight; an enduring loyalty that joints Ferrero with all its consumers worldwide. It is this relationship with consumers that has been the core of our success.

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