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The First Conference of Young Italians in the World: The View from Below

Fulvio Minichini (December 13, 2008)
After 5 days of work—and a few annoying polemics—the Conference ends in Rome. Instead of gathering official documents, of which you may find plenty in the press and on the Web, we present here the view form below.

Here are 5 video-interviews realized by i-Italy in Rome. The delegates are all from the US and decided to speak English to try and reach a broader audience. Each of them participated in one of the 5 Thematic Commissions of the Conference.

Ilaria Costa, New York – Commission on Language and Culture Francesco Traina, Miami, Commission on Participation and Representation Maria L. Bello, Connecticut, Commission on Italian Identity and Multiculturalism Graziano Casale, New York, Commission on Work Francesco P. Tuzzolino, Huston, Commission on Information and Communication