Bridge Art Project: a Contemporary Vision at Expo

Alessio Shostak (July 09, 2015)
‘Bridge Art’ project at Expo 2015 attempts to bridge the divide between Sicily and the rest of the world by emphasizing the prominence of multiculturalism in an increasingly globalised world.

The projects on display at the Bio Mediterranean Cluster – just as many projects at the Expo 2015 seek to accomplish - critically discuss the key issues facing humanity.

‘Bridge Art #1 contemporary visions’ is a contemporary project which takes multiculturalism as its key theme, seeking to express the importance of cultural diversity in establishing and eroding identity constructs in integrated societies, in addition to depicting the role of multiculturalism in communal work.

The project was conceived and executed by Valeria Valenza, a Germanist and novelist, and Lora Adragna across two separate locations – the farm La Favola di Noto in Sicily’s Val di Noto and the United States. The project was promoted by Tenuta La Favola, an organization with connections in the Noto Valley, a bastion of biodiversity and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The project was included in the events of the Cluster in addition to Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, San Marino, Serbia, Algeria, Albania and Montenegro. Spearheaded by ‘The Region of Sicily’, the project’s official partner, ‘Bridge Art’ aimed to increase Sicily’s international recognition due to its status as a crossroads between north, south, east and west. The project also sought to bridge the gap between the cultures of the aforementioned nations whilst also encouraging children to embrace diversity – indeed, ‘Bridge Art’ has already been presented to the United Nations International School.





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