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  • Life & People
    Andrea Di Camillo(July 08, 2008)
    Evel Knievel is to jaw-dropping stunts with his motorcycle as Tom Perry is to outrageous feats with no shoes. Forty-eight year old athlete Antonio Peretti (Tom Perry) of the Veneto region, daredevil extraordinaire, now wants to scale the active volcano Stromboli barefoot for charity tomorrow. Replacing the usual curious spectators will be a circling helicopter ensuring his safety and filming him when he attempts this daring and dangerous exploit
  • Pompeii and the Valley of the Temples are only a couple of Italy's fabled historical attractions, but it doesn't mean they should fall into deterioration and financial maladministration. Rather than rectify the problems themselves, officials hope the private sector will break their fall
  • Andy Warhol made some of the most recognizable art of the 20th century. Now two students from Palermo borrow his loud, colorful style to send a message about art and politics to their sleepy city
  • In an expanded effort to counter the Mafia's extortionist activities in Sicily, a food fair goes on tour to major Italian cities. The outdoor stands, which will feature Sicilian specialty foods, are run by those businesses that have refused to pay a notorious illegal tax, the "pizzo". The organizers eventually hope to bring the gastronomic fair overseas.
  • Art & Culture
    (February 13, 2008)
    Italy's top female singer-songwriter Carmen Consoli to play concert halls in New York, DC and Boston
  • The crackdown on Mafia shows Italy at its best. Southern Italian cities, though plagued by many serious problems, no longer seem to be suitable places for a good mobster to hang out. That, at least, is progress.
  • Facts & Stories
    (February 08, 2008)
    At least 80 people have been arrested in a major crackdown on the Mafia carried out by Italian and American law enforcement agencies.