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    Tom Verso(January 20, 2008)
    “The cruelties to which the child slaves of Sicily have been subjected are as bad as anything reported of the cruelties of Negro slavery.” Booker Taliaferro Washington: “The Man Farthest Down”
  • Just a few decades ago Halloween in Italy was merely the name of an American holiday, a sort of Carnevale. Little by little Halloween’s popularity has grown, probably due to the influence of American movies ... But in all the Italian regions in the days between October 31st and the day of Saint Martin (November 11th) there has been – from time immemorial – the folkloristic custom to celebrate the juxtaposition of life and death with numerous traditions
  • “This is my heart. We put so much into this,” said Matthew Battaglia, as he proudly held up a 750 ml bottle of his much-prized olive oil, called Olio D’Oliva Extravergine dei Fratelli Battaglia.