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  • "Let's Wake Up, Italics!"- Piero Bassetti in Conversation with Fred Plotkin
    Piero Bassetti and Fred Plotkin at La Casa di i-Italy
    There are over 250 million “Italics” in the world, and perhaps you’re one of them! On occasion of the recent English publication of Piero Bassetti’s book “Let’s Wake Up, italics! Manifesto for a Glocal Future,” i-Italy hosted a conversation between the author himself and Fred Plotkin, one of America’s foremost experts on opera and Italian culture. The conversation discussed what an “Italic” is and how Italics fit into the larger global society. The book “Let’s Wake Up, italics!” is published by the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute.
  • New York is the most “Italian” city in the US. Adding together Americans of Italian descent and Italian citizens living here, the metropolitan area is home to almost four million Italians—which is among the largest concentration in the world after Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Milan, and Rome. This translates into a most robust cultural presence that has its points of reference in a handful of excellent institutions dealing with the Italian and Italian-American experience. In the first of a series, we asked the Dean of the Calandra Institute to describe who they are, what their mission is, and to talk about their many activities.
  • Facts & Stories
    (August 27, 2008)
    While on summer hiatus, the "Italian American TV Magazine" produced by the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute re-broadcasts 5 of its most important episodes from the past season (CUNY TV, Cable Channel 75)