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    EATALY MAGAZINE(February 23, 2017)
    Typical to Venezia, this flavorful recipe for black risotto with squid ink and shrimp incorporates ingredients that are readily available from the lagoon. Enjoy this traditional dish with a glass of white wine, and you will be transported to the canals of the "Floating City"!
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    Rosanna Di Michele(January 22, 2015)
    The last day of Carnival this year is on February 15. Carnival is synonymous of fried treats in Italy. Here is a recipe for Castagnole, small soft balls sprinkled with powdered sugar. The word castagna means chestnut, and these fritters resemble a chestnut in size and shape. This is the first of 3 i-Italy recipes for Carnival . Stay tuned for the next one, next week