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Articles by: Mila Tenaglia

  • “Living Sculpture,” in aluminum sheeting on view at The MET Breuer
    Until May 7, the MET Breuer is hosting one of the largest American retrospectives dedicated to the artist Marisa Merz. For the occasion, we interviewed the show’s curator, Ian Alteveer, who told us about the enchanting world hidden behind Marisa Merz’s work “The Sky is a Great Space.”
  • "The Brooklyn Barge", The New Yorker, Emiliano Ponzi
    Art & Culture
    Mila Tenaglia(January 08, 2017)
    What changes when you cross the power of the pen with popular technology? Whatever it is, the marriage seems to bode well for Italian illustrators, as more and more art directors in the editorial world are beginning to recognize the style and originality of everything “Made in Italy.” We discussed this with experts in the field Stefano Imbert, member of the International Board of Directors of the American Society of Illustrators of New York, and Stefano Salis, a journalist for the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore and an expert in illustration, graphics and design.
  • Nicolo' De Giorgis "Contrasto Driade" per Fondazione Altagamma
    Facts & Stories
    Mila Tenaglia(November 17, 2016)
    The Altagamma Foundation was born in 1992 to enhance the competitveness of high-end Italian companies operating worldwide in such different markets as fashion, design, jewelry, nautica, hospitality, and food. Two distinctive features bring these vastly different industries together: Italianness and excellence. i-Italy met Altagamma’s Director Stefania Lazzaroni and talked about the history of Altagamma Foundation.
  • The author of the book Michela Muserra
    Art & Culture
    Mila Tenaglia(November 10, 2016)
    A short book of images and brief thoughts that seeks to answer the question: What makes us happy?
  • Gianni Plazzi (Giulio Cesare) e Dalmazio Masini (Marcantonio)
    Arte e Cultura
    Mila Tenaglia(October 11, 2016)
    Al via la decima edizione del Crossing the Line Festival (22 Sett- 3- Nov). Organizzata dal FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française) il festival ha visto il supporto degli istituti di cultura tra cui quello italiano. i-Italy ha seguito il debutto newyorkese di una delle menti più innovative del panorama teatrale, Romeo Castellucci con "Giulio Cesare - Pezzi staccati".
  • Artist Serena Scapagnini
    Art & Culture
    Mila Tenaglia(September 29, 2016)
    Serena Scapagnini is a multifaceted conceptual artist who uses mixed media, such as ink, oil, photographs, and sculptures. Her formal training in literature, semiotics, and history of religions serves as an integral part of her artistic process. Serena was able to bring the sacred and the symbolic into her work between Europe, Asia, and the United States.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Mila Tenaglia(July 20, 2016)
    We met Doctor Crippa at Eataly during the Grana Padano Cheese Health presentation in which he explained to us the research he has conducted over the last two years on this type of cheese. The results are remarkable, revealing that blood pressure can be notably reduced. Don’t you believe us? Read on to believe it.
  • Art & Culture
    Mila Tenaglia(June 25, 2016)
    For four generations Gloria Porcella’s family has followed an artistic and cultural path in Rome. Here Gloria tells us a little about her cultured childhood, her subsequent career in Europe, and her decision to open the Ca’ d’Oro Art Gallery—founded by her father Antonio—also in Miami and New York.