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  • IL gala annuale dell’Università John Cabot di Roma, la prima Università Americana pienamente accreditata nell’Unione Europea, si terrà il 5 di aprile 2016 nello storico Union League Club di New York. Tra i premiati di quest’anno figurano Sua Eccellenza l’Ambasciatore Sebastiano Cardi, Rappresentante Permanente per l’Italia presso le Nazioni Unite, che riceverà il riconoscimento Judge Marie Garibaldi Award per il Servizio Pubblico; Paula Frohring, Presidente della Frohring Foundation e membro del Consiglio d’Ammistrazione dell’Università, che riceverà la Medaglia John Cabot University per il suo servizio all’istituzione; e il Dr. Domenic Grasso, Provost dell’Università del Delaware, che riceverà il John Cabot University Award per l’Eccellenza Accademica.
  • The 2016 annual gala of this renown U.S. university in Rome will be held on April 5 at New York's historic Union League Club. Among the honorees this year are H E Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi, Italy's Permanent Representative at the United Nations, who will receive the inaugural Judge Marie Garibaldi Award for Public Service; Paula Frohring, Chairman of the Frohring Foundation and university trustee, who will receive the John Cabot University Medal for service to the institution; Dr. Domenic Grasso, Provost, University of Delaware, who will receive the John Cabot University Award for Excellence in Education.
  • It’s your gateway to Italy and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is something for everyone in the “Eternal City”—history, art, great food and a warm weather. Plus, in this period of the year, many hotels and resorts will welcome you with special offers and discounted rates. Start planning your trip to Rome!
  • “Beauty Undefined” a new exhibition co-curated by Ford Model and Philanthropist Monica Watkins and Visual Artist and Muralist Magda Love premiered last Wed. March 2nd at 51 Orchard St. and featured over 20 International artists to include Tim Okamura, Erica Simone, Esteban del Valle, Toto Cullen, Lina Valentina, Magda Love, Marco Gallotta, Crystal Vinson, Dasha Dare, Allie Olson, Jeana Lindo, Zephy, Sokphalla Ban, Rob Forbes, Alison Brady, Nikola Tamindzic, Loan Chabanol, Shaun Mader, Sajji Lazarus, E!katerina Kulikova and Imani Tudor.
  • Nordstrom has launched the first of two phases of “We Love IT” in eight Texas locations with special pop-up series celebrating Italian fashion. 55 Made in Italy brands in apparel, accessories, jewelry, footwear, eyewear, perfumery and beauty. The “We Love IT” campaign is a partnership with the Italian Trade Agency. “Americans have always had a love affair with Italy – through the food, culture, and style and it is a perfect opportunity to highlight the fashion and lifestyle elements in partnership with the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE),” said Olivia Kim, Nordstrom VP of Creative Project
  • Il vino italiano protagonista a New York. Si inaugura il 3 febbraio l'Italian Wine Week, la grande manifestazione in cui saranno presentate oltre mille etichette di vini italiani. Il sindaco di New York Bill de Blasio ha salutato l'appuntamento dicendo: "E' la celebrazione del buon gusto dell'Italia e di New York".
  • Didn’t we say we’d take you to Italy this Spring? After the Amalfi Coast, here comes our second suggestion: a city made up of over 100 small islands, with buildings that seem to rise out of the water, no cars and plenty of seafood! Venice offers the best of what Italy has to offer. Plus, many hotels and resorts will welcome you with special offers and Alitalia will take you there through Rome at discounted rates!
  • Ready to see the world and get paid for it? United’s routes to Milan, Venice and Rome have brought new exciting job opportunities. They’re seeking candidates (especially Italian speakers) to apply and start a career flying the friendly skies.