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  • Fatti e Storie
    I. I.(November 25, 2016)
    Nel giorno in cui si ricorda uno dei crimini più vili contro l’umanità, la violenza sulle donne - l’Istituto Nazionale per la Promozione della Salute delle popolazioni Migranti e il contrasto delle Malattie della Povertà (INMP), eleva il proprio urlo di sdegno contro tali barbarie dicendo: basta con la violenza sulle donne! INMP da sempre cura e accompagna le donne vittime di abusi perpetrati anche e soprattutto all’interno delle mura domestiche
  • Massimiliano Gatti, Rovine di Palmira
    On display from October 14-November 19 at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America (Columbia University), this exhibition is an artistic perspective on endangered archaeological sites in the Middle East curated by Renato Miracco.
  • Sono oltre 340mila gli accessi per 91mila pazienti, di cui il 67% composto da persone immigrate, avvenuti presso l’INMP, ente pubblico del Sistema sanitario nazionale, dal 2008 ad oggi. Queste le cifre che descrivono l’attività dell’Istituto che da 8 anni si impegna, 7 giorni su 7, per la promozione della salute delle popolazioni migranti e per il contrasto delle malattie della povertà, attraverso pratiche sociosanitarie rivolte alle popolazioni più vulnerabili, italiane e straniere, e con il fondamentale approccio transculturale orientato alla persona.
  • On Sunday, September 11 at 8.15 am Buglisi Dance Theater will presents for the sixth consecutive year "The Table of Silence Project", a performance ritual for peace on the Josie Robertson Plaza, Lincoln Center, NYC that was live streamed around the world.
  • A Documentary about finding the strength to give up an old familiar world to find identity and get a chance at self-realization, to find home in a strange land. It’s a longing for validation as a modern settler.
  • For some years now, Gargano has striven to become a superior tourist destination. Its historical centers have been restored, giving rise to popular hotels and unique B&Bs. Talented chefs have introduced a cuisine that blends tradition with innovation, and small restaurants are opening or being renovated on every street corner. Finally, handicraft is being reintroduced with all the charm it once had. Here we propose just a few places to stay and eat that will get your mouth watering.
  • Events: Reports
    I. I.(July 01, 2016)
    Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space presented on June 10th On the subversion of opacity [About Practice#3], a two-person exhibition of recent work by Arianna Carossa and Beatrice Glow, curated by Alessandro Facente. “With myths, one should not be in a hurry. It is better to let them settle into the memory, to stop and dwell on every detail, to reflect on them without losing touch with their language of images. The lesson we can learn from a myth lies in the literal narrative, not in what we add to it from the outside.” (Italo Calvino, “Lightness,” from Six Memos for the Next Millennium, 1988)