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  • At a recent Big East basketball game between Seton Hall and Providence at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, officials and representatives of UNICO National presented a check for $50,000 to Professors William J. Connell and Stanislao Pugliese, editors of The Routledge History of Italian Americans.
  • Mafia 2 E3 2010 Made Man Trailer [HD]
    Several Italian-American organizations are staging an anti-defamation campaign against the videogame "Mafia II" on the ground that it offends and stereotypes Italian Americans as mafiosi. Here we present the argument against the game through the words of Andrè DiMino, Chief Media Executive and Immediate Past National President of UNICO National. In the next few days we shall investigate the opposing viewpont.
  • Life & People
    Ottorino Cappelli(February 03, 2010)
    On Saturday afternoon a hundred or so people, among whom several leaders of Italian-American associations, community activists, and elected officials, gathered at the Seaside Heights Community Center on Jersey Shore to voice their protest against MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality show
  • Op-Eds
    Robert Viscusi(January 20, 2010)
    'Guido' is a phenomenon that demands attention. If Italian American social advance were as real, as secure, and as substantial as many Italian Americans believe it to be (I am among these believers), then it would seem not only not harmful, but indeed positively beneficial and necessary, to examine, to discuss, and to reflect upon the power of such a new word. As to the youths of Jersey Shore, they are playing grotesques, like all minstrel-show caricatures. They are amusing—indeed, more so than most clowns with sad eyes. They have clearly found their moment and clearly touched a nerve. To the term Italian American, which has carried so many strings of dollar bills and ropes of sausage, they have added a new chain of fetishes – a tanning bed, a tube of gel, an old summer thong bearing the legend “I Love the Situation.”