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  • Photo Credit: MARY ANN HALPIN
    Interview with the fearless writer that transcended eras, genders and stereotypes. During our conversation with the feminist icon, we’ve also come to discover the author’s strong ties with the Italian culture, from her love of Dante to her encounter with Umberto Eco. She is also the recipient of the Fernanda Pivano Award for American Literature, a prize named in honor of the Italian writer and translator. And of course we talked about #metoo, zipless fuck and much more...
  • They waited in line for over an hour, sometimes even fighting over precedence -- students and housewives, politicians and pensioners, all anxious to pay a last salute to Umberto Eco, who died Feb. 19 at age 84. At the funeral ceremony Tuesday in front of the Castelello Sforzesco in Milan, near the palazzo where Eco lived, his wooden casket was completely covered in wildflowers.
  • People have and will refer to Umberto Eco as any and all of the following: writer, linguist, philosopher, novelist, semiotician, journalist, etc. He was all of that, as he was also the academy’s intellectual rock star! One thing is guaranteed for sure, he shall not be lost in our memory!
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    Daniele Chicca(February 14, 2011)
    Women demonstrating in support of dignity and respect flooded the streets of Italy and major world cities, including Times Square in New York