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  • Jill and Joe Biden at Hiatt Middle School.
    The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) , the largest and most loyal representative of the more than 20 million Italian American citizens living in the United States, congratulates Dr. Jill Biden as she is set to become the first Italian American First Lady. “Dr. Biden’s strong connection to her Italian American heritage and dedication to education aligns with NIAF’s mission,” said NIAF Chairman The Honorable Patricia de Stacy Harrison. “Education is at the Foundation’s core as we provide scholarships and grants to empower high achieving students to further their education in all fields. We send our congratulations to the First Lady designate.”
  • Giorgio and Clio Napolitano with Pope Franciscus
    Judith Harris(November 28, 2017)
    Born in Naples back in 1925, at ninety-two former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is vital and surprisingly sturdy intellectually and physically, as his latest interview show
  • Facts & Stories
    Alex Catti(September 07, 2017)
    Following last month’s removal of some statues and monuments, protests ensued, sparking tension regarding race relations and whether or not statues depicting prominent figures in American history should be removed. Although the statutes in question are mostly located in formerly Confederate states, some are found in the north as well. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the statue of Christopher Columbus in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle would come under scrutiny.
  • Art & Culture
    Kayla Pantano(April 18, 2017)
    Casa Italiana recently hosted a multimedia exhibit dedicated to American Founding Father and third President of the United States and his surprising influences from Italian culture.
  • Op-Eds
    Aileen Riotto Sirey(November 09, 2016)
    A heartfelt comment by the Founder and Chair Emerita of the National Organization of Italian American Women. "For me the most disturbing characteristic of this campaign was Trump’s attitude toward women. He seems to see them as objects, not as individuals in their own right...less intelligent, inferior creatures subject to the convenience and entertainment of men like him. He ran against one of the smartest most knowledgeable women in this country, a woman arguably better trained and prepared for the job than any man ever to place his hand on that iconic bible. It’s sad to see that sexism is still very much alive."
  • Donald trumping all in the Republican race is only possible thanks to an undemocratic system. Disguised in the public eye as the ultimate democratic institution, the primaries actually tend to impose minority decisions, nullify political parties, and ultimately destroy democracy and accountability as we know them. These problems are peculiarly American. They are hardly found in other Western democracies in Europe, Canada or Australia.
  • With a newly elected president, changes are being made to the visiting hours of the historic, 16th-century Palazzo del Quirinale. Soon the Presidential Palace will be open for daily visitors, far longer than it has been opened to the public in the past.
  • On Day One of the election for the twelfth president of Italy, the polling opened in the Chamber of Deputies at 3 pm. Four hours later the vote is still being counted, but results show clearly that no one was elected today. The two parties of a pre-election pact, Premier Matteo Renzi’s Partito Democratico (PD) and former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (FI), had agreed to vote blank ballots today, and did. But tomorrow is another day, and the voting continues.
  • New York Embraces Giorgio Napolitano
    Enjoy the highlights of the President of the Italian Republic's visit to New York City (2011) Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who led the country through one of its stormiest political periods, resigned today. The government accepted the 89-year-old’s resignation. He left the Quirinale Palace, the official residence of the president, with his wife Clio after a brief ceremony while also saying a emotional farewell to his staff. 2011. Enjoy our full coverage of President Giorgio Napolitano in NYC