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  • The prolific Italian writer Dacia Maraini with NYU professor Jane Tylus.
    Iconic Italian writer Dacia Maraini was recently interviewed by Jane Tylus at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. Read on to gain insight into the mind of the popular author who has written award winning pieces continuously throughout the last five decades. Here are some excerpts from the conversation.
  • The President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano received the Presidential Medal from New York University. The focus was on Italian politics, Libya and the European Union.
  • A defense of the Italian public school system, attacked by the Prime Minister these days, comes from a New York professor, with an American PhD and who works for a private university. Personal recollections but also references to the history of the Italian school fill this piece which we share completely. As Albertini writes, one must not forget that public school not only had an educational function, but also political. Italian unity was obtained in classrooms. Underpaid but respected teachers created a national sense of belonging by teaching our language, history and literature.