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You chose: lorenzo del boca

  • Constructive dialogue at John Jay College. Italian and Italian American authors discussed the changing nature of Italian and Italian American culture in contemporary society. Interview with Anthony Julian Tamburri, Professor and Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of Queens College: “The Italians tend to speak more in terms of geography, while the Italian-Americans much less under those terms.”
  • Interview with journalist Pino Aprile, author of the successful and contested book Terroni about the conflict between the North, South, and unification of Italy. The cover image of the book effectively communicates its theme: a map of Italy that’s been turned upside down with Sicily on top. The writer tells us about the topics that will be addressed during the upcoming debate between him and Lorenzo del Boca (author of another controversial book entitled Polentoni), moderated by Prof. Anthony J. Tamburri of the Calandra Institute.