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  • “The jihadists hope to flood Libya with Isil militiamen posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels to Europe,” went the headline. Although this may eventually be true, to date terrorist attacks in Europe have been perpetrated by those living in Europe, not by newcomers. Still, the hordes fleeing war in Syria, Iraq and Sub-Saharan Africa to land on Italian shores represent an ever more intractable problem with serious political repercussions.
  • A quiet afternoon on a New York summer sunday. And suddenly from Italy comes the statement of the Deputy President of the Senate Calderoli. He just compared Minister Cécile Kyenge, the first-ever African-Italian government official to an orangutan. Astonished by such gross callousness, we immediately asked a comment from Anthony Tamburri, Dean of the Calandra Italian American Institute of CUNY, the largest academic institution in the U.S. dedicated to the study of the Italian-American experience. (Letizia Airos)
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    N. L.(August 11, 2011)
    A small town's mayor, Roberto Avogadro, is getting rid of the statue of one of Italy's greatest actor simply because he was from a different part (the south) of the country. The decision has provoked many who see this as a threat to the unity of the peninsula.
  • Voting in three separate elections this May and June, Italians gave a black eye to the center-right government headed by the London Economist’s favorite Italian politician, Silvio Berlusconi. Here are this week's consequences...
  • “We need to protect local specialities from the growing popularity of ethnic cuisine”. Following the slogan “Sì alla polenta, no al couscous” (We want Polenta, not Cous Cous), the Lega Nord party has endorsed and allowed a series of municipal bans of foreign food, leading to what can be called a “gastronomic racism”
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    Judith Harris(March 30, 2010)
    “We have given the left a lesson,” Berlusconi trumpeted from Rome Monday evening. Meanwhile, Umberto Bossi's populist right-wing, anti-immigrant Northern League will now control most of the wealthy industrial North. The political shellacking of the left can be put down to fragmentation and disaffection, but the real spoiler on the left were the stay-at-homes, or around 1.5 million who abstained.