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    Mario Fratti(June 03, 2016)
    I was born in L’Aquila- July 5/1927. A beautiful city up in the clouds. Pure air, snow for three months a year. A pleasant environment. Serene families enjoying life, what life offers them. Not much.
  • Beautiful seaside, golden beaches, and marvelous mountains: Abruzzo has it all—and more. Ranked as one of the best places in te world where to live, this is a truly intriguing land, extraordinarily rich in natural beauty, great art, splendid urban architecture, secular traditions, and a culture enriched by hospitable people. Here, people pull their chairs out into the street, kids play outside, and people do their shopping at street markets. And the cooking revisits ancient recipes for preparing fish, lamb, goat, and wild boar.
  • On April 6, the seventh anniversary of the severe earthquake that devastated L'Aquila and its surroundings, Italy honored the memory of the 309 victims, who included over 50 university students. Most importantly, this year's observance emphasized prevention of future such tragedies, in a nation whose geological structure makes it particularly vulnerable.
  • On April 6, ten thousand braved the cold in L’Aquila to record the sixth anniversary of the earthquake that struck the beautiful medieval city in the Abruzzo, killing 309, leaving up to 70,000 homeless and damaging tens of thousands of historic buildings. Reconstruction has been controversial, but, “After too many promises, we are finally passing to action,” Premier Matteo Renzi said Monday.
  • Off Site Art recently presented at the town of L'Aquila with a "call for art," where Italian and international artists were invited to send their works. The scaffolding of the historic center of L'Aquila, destroyed by an earthquake back in 2009, comes to life with a beautiful selection of international artwork. The project is supported not only by the associations of l'Aquila, but also by a New York-based non-profit public art organization, Artbridge. i-Italy TV is preparing a segment with the founder of Artbridge, Rodney Durso, and other members of the international intellectual committee involved in this beautiful project.
  • The Hands on L'Aquila Conference organized by the non-profit organization blogAway aims to help the economically neglected region of Abruzzo, still suffering the fallout from the 2009 earthquake. The conference will be hosted on September 28 and 29 in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, L'Aquila, and offers the unique opportunity for bloggers to learn and network while helping and getting to know the beauties and traditions of Abruzzo.